Slumber Party Tips


Slumber Party Tips

As host of Studio 512, it’s my job to make the guests feel comfortable, get the information across and keep our viewers entertained.  It is the only half hour of my day when I appear to have my act together – and if you count commercial breaks, it’s not even an entire 30 minutes.

The rest of my work day is a scramble – albeit a fun one – of writing, making calls, returning emails, keeping appointments and prepping for the next show.

Once I’m home from the station, it’s homework, dinner, bath and bedtime for my three girls before I log onto the computer to make sure everything is ready to go for the next day’s show. Then we start all over in the morning with the hectic blur of getting myself and them out the door. Finding the balance between meeting everyone’s basic needs, and actually having time for a book or a snuggle with them is something I am constantly trying to find (I’ll let you know if I ever do).

It’s hard to imagine squeezing another thing in during the week, but we do enjoy a good sleepover on a Saturday night.  Pizza! Dance party! Movies!  I like to add special touches for the girls and their friends if I can, but it has to be easy on the schedule and the wallet.  I’m definitely not reinventing the wheel with any of the following little projects; they are just simple, quick tricks that let me tap into my creative side and feel a little “Pinteresty,” even if it’s beginner level stuff.

The DIY facial mask I learned on the show from Aloe Skin + Body is so easy and my kiddos love it!  The best part is all the stuff you need to do it is probably in your kitchen right now and it takes just minutes to whip up.  A cup of oatmeal, a little water and some honey are all you need.  I make a playlist of soothing “spa” music, lay my girls down on a towel and apply the mask.  Sliced baby cucumbers are the perfect size to soothe little eyes.  They eat it up.  Literally!  The mask is edible and if I’m being completely honest, has been taste tested by me and my kids.  It’s an easy, inexpensive and safe spa experience that is a hit with my girls and their friends and leaves everyone’s skin glowing.

Who doesn’t love a festive refreshment?  I like to do a little lemonade upgrade and it makes the kids feel fancy and elegant—and it’s delicious too.  And don’t forget easy, my main prerequisite.  Pink lemonade from concentrate is the base, mixed as usual.  I pick a fun glass (a departure from our usual plastic kiddie cups with lids), pour in the lemonade over ice, top it with Topo Chico and float a few raspberries.  Finish it off with a lime wheel on the rim, a cute striped straw and a fun cocktail napkin (in the interest of full disclosure, I stockpile cocktail napkins like I stockpile shoes – you can never have too many!).  The result is a darling little drink that’s super simple to put together, but makes the kids feel a little oooh-la-la. Cheers!


A fun party favor is a great way to help the kids’ friends remember our sleepover fun.  It doesn’t have to cost a lot or be extravagant but it can still be cute and carry out the slumber party theme.  I am always checking those dollar bins for “someday” stuff.  You know: stuff you might not need now but would be really cute “someday….”  This time I picked some Mad-Hatter style plastic goblets that are wild and whimsical for just $1 at Target. A giant tub of bubble gum from Sam’s goes a long way in filling each of the cups and I always have clear cello wrap on hand. Before bundling up each cup in the cello, I add a packaged mask from Claire’s the kids can use later.  These can be masks or peels, they’re made for little ones and they are usually buy three, get three free. Score! I attach the mask and top it all off with some cute, bright wire edge craft store ribbon and trim the excess cello on top. Voila! A fun takeaway treat.


These are super simple ideas that I like to use to add special little touches here and there.  I would love to hear about little tricks you use to take things up a notch for your kiddos while still letting you do the most important thing: be with them!

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  1. Kate May 25, 2016 at 9:32 am #

    LOVVVVVVVING this post. I have a little girl who is just getting to the sleep-over age, and I’d love to make her sleep-overs awesome! Love that the ideas are easy and frugal. Great post, thanks!

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