25 Best Splash Pads In And Around Austin


Splash pads in Austin

We are getting teased with soaring temps around here, which can only mean ONE thing. Summer is literally around the corner. And can I just say, I am scared out of my mind. Kids at home and everywhere 24/7. Soon we will have to figure out how to kill time over three months with our little anklebiters kiddos. One of the best things to take advantage of would be all the splash pads in and around Austin! I guarantee no matter what part of town you live in, you’re bound to find one that can help drain those kids of all that energy! And maybe even get them so tired that they take some naps in the afternoon so mama can have an early happy hour? =)

So pack a lunch, towels, and start heading to these fun spots to soak in all the fun!

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The Triangle – This is located right smack dab in the middle of a ton of restaurants, and family friendly ones too like Mandola’s! Nothing like some Italian food after lots of playing in the water! The tricky part is that there isn’t really a set schedule for the fountain to be operating. Located at 4700 N. Lamar Blvd.

Lott Splash Pad – A fun splash pad with a picnic area and a playground close but the only downside are there are no restrooms. Located at 1108 Curve Street. Dates open: May 14- September 25. Hours: 9AM -8PM; closed on Wednesdays for maintenance.

Eastwoods Park – A picnic area, playground, and restrooms nearby to this splash pad! It’s a win-win-win! =) Located at 3001 Harris Park Ave. Dates open: May 14- September 25. Hours: 9AM -8PM.

Pease Park’s Water Sprayground – Another trifecta of restrooms, picnic tables, and a playground near this water park! Located at 1600 Parkway at Kingsbury Street. Dates open: May 14- September 25. Hours: 9AM-8PM.

{BEST SKYLINE VIEW} Liz Carpenter Fountain at Butler Park – A favorite splash pad near Auditorium Shores. It also overlooks downtown while kids of all ages can play day and night in the fountains! Located at 1000 Barton Springs Road. Open year-round. Hours from 12pm-9:45pm on Monday and 8am-9:45pm on Tuesday – Sunday.

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Liz Carpenter Fountains


Dick Nichols District Park – A fun park with an awesome playground that also has volleyball courts! You can also do a hike or ride along it’s bike trails! The waterscape has a button for the kids to push so that there is water conservation! Located at 8011 Beckett Road. Dates open:April 14 – October 1. Hours: 5AM – 10PM.

{BEST SHADE} Ricky Guerrero Splash Pad – A perfect escape to beat the heat. Playground, picnic tables, and restrooms close by! Plus, a creek where older kids can explore! Located at 1100 Brodie Street. Dates open; May 14 – September 25. Hours: 9AM-8PM; closed on Wednesdays for maintenance.

Southpark Meadows – With a huge playscape, eats, shopping, and more, Southpark Meadows the small splash pad is a great spot to hit up if you are South. The splash pad fountains are located in The Grove next to the playground. Located at 9600 IH-35 South. There is no set operating schedule.


Clarksville Splash Pad – A favorite splash pad for many! Not nearly as crowded with a fun, interactive sprayground! A playground is near, along with a picnic area and restrooms! Located at 1811 West 11 St. Dates open: May 14- September 25. Hours: 9AM-8PM.


Bartholomew Park – This is one fun splash pad kids are bound to get wet with the jets shooting high into the air! There are several playground areas and two sets of swingsets. Restrooms and picnic tables are near! Located  at 5200 Berkman Drive. Dates open: May 14- September 25. Hours: 9AM-8 PM.

Chestnut Splash Pad – This splash pad has a little picnic area and playground. The downside is that there are no restrooms available. Located at 1404 East 16th Street. Dates open: May 14 – September 25. Hours: 9AM-8PM.

Rosewood Splash Pad – This is an awesome splash pad because it also has a free pool (hours may vary from the splash pad)! Other positives are a covered pavilion with restrooms, and a playground! Hard to beat this one! Located at 1182 Pleasant Valley. Dates open: May 14 – Sept 25. Hours: 9AM-8PM; closed on Wednesdays for maintenance.

Metz Splash Pad – A splash pad that has a picnic area and playground close by, however, there are no restrooms available. Located at 2407 Canterbury Street. Dates open: May 14 – September 25. Hours 9AM-8PM.


Bailey Park Splash Pad – This is a true find! There is a shady picnic area with a playground near! The splash pad is loads of fun and very interactive! Located at 1101 W. 33rd StDates open: May 14-September 25. Hours: 9AM-8 PM.


{BEST FOR OLDER KIDS} Brushy Creek Park Splash Pad – A splash perfectly located right by a shaded playground! And the restrooms are close too! Perfection for summer! Come early as this one gets packed FAST. Located at 3300 Brushy Creek Rd. Dates open: May – September. Hours: 10AM – 7PM.

{BEST ENCLOSED} Robin Bledsoe Park Splash Pad – A splash pad that is enclosed is always a win in my book. This one has got a couple of picnic tables under a shaded area so it’s perfect to also take the little itty bitties and let them hang in the stroller while the older siblings get to run around! Restrooms and playground are near too! Located at 601 South Bagdad Rd. Dates open: May 1 – September 30. Hours: 9AM – 8PM

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Robin Bledsoe Splash Pad

{BEST SLIDE} Quarry Splash Pad – It’s just $2 per person and is absolutely worth every penny. This splash pad is a beast. It’s amazing and no matter what you do, you are bound to get wet! There is also a slide, and a sand pit! Note: The Cedar Rock railroad is also at this park so head over for a train ride before or after playing with the water! Located at 3005 County Road 175. Dates open: May 14 – September 7. Hours: 10AM – 7PM.

Champion Park Splash Pad – A smaller splash pad which can sometimes be nice if you little ones. No worries though as there are a plethora of other opportunities have fun in the covered sand pit, castings of dinosaur bones and specially designed boulders made just for climbing. Located at 3830 Brushy Creek Road. Dates open: May 14 – September 7. Hours: 10AM- 7 PM Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


San Jose Splash Pad – A newer splash pad that opened last year in June! Playgrounds near, restrooms close by, and a relatively large grassy area.  The only downside however is that there isn’t any shade so you may want to get there earlier in the day when sun hasn’t reached its full capacity! Located at 1707 San Jose Street. Dates open: April 1 – September 30. Hours: 9AM – 8PM.

Georgetown Art Center Fountain – The city of Georgetown and Georgetown Art Works partnered in 2014 to restore the Fire Station One into the Georgetown Art Center. A fun place to play in the button activated fountain and then explore artwork as well! Restrooms are located inside the Grace Heritage Center. Located at 816 S. Main Street. Dates open: April – September. Hours: 9AM – dusk.

Georgetown Recreation Center – This is more of a splash pad connected to a pool.  Those that are aged 3 years and under are free, and adults are $3. Located at 1003 N Austin Ave. Dates open: Normal operating hours begin on June 4, open Monday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 8:00 pm (closed Sundays.)

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Georgetown Recreation Center


Glenwood Splash Pad – Another water conserving splash pad that only operates when a button is pushed. There is seating that is shaded and portable restrooms are near. Located at 101 Fishbaugh Ln. Dates open: June 1 – Labor Day weekend. Hours: 10AM – 8PM.


{BEST FOR TODDLERS} Falcon Point Splash Park – PERFECT when you have smaller ones because this is a splash pad that is a littler easier to handle. Tons of water jets that shoot in the air for the kiddos to run under, scoop with a cup, or get dumped on by the filling buckets. Quite a bit of shade with also a few picnic tables and a playground near! Located at 1813 Tranquility Lane. Dates open: May 1 – October 1. Hours: 10AM-9PM.

Northeast Metropolitan Park Splash Pad – Head towards the back of the park, near the skate park, when you’re looking for this splash pad. This park also boasts a shaded sand pit, rock climbing wall, swings, and plenty of picnic tables nearby. Restrooms are a stone’s throw from the water play area. Located at  2703 East Pecan Street. Dates open: May 1 – September 30. Hours: 10AM-7PM.


{BEST FAMILY FRIENDLY} Hill Country Galleria Splash Pad – A fun splash pad located around lots of shopping and restaurants! Do make sure to call ahead since sometimes they will shut it down if there is an event in the amphitheater close by! Located at 12700 Hill Country Blvd. Open during mall hours and operates 7 days a week, year round.

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Every Summer Has Its Own Story. Make Yours A Good One.

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