Breastfeeding: It Still Works for Us

BreastfeedingYes, that’s my 18 month old that just asked for “boo boo.” Yes, she is still breastfeeding. No, I don’t really care to hear your opinion on why you think I should have weaned her. While we are on the subject I don’t want praise either.

The choice to breastfeed or not was an easy one for me. I envisioned that it was natural, the thing to do and for those reasons it would be super easy. With each baby I have had very different breastfeeding experiences. After weeks of trying with no success and feeling like a huge failure my first born ended up a formula-fed, bottle baby. Ultimately, not for lack of effort, we just couldn’t make it work. Next baby, super easy, champion nurser from day one. As for how long I was going to breastfeed my babies I hadn’t really given it much thought. I just nursed my babies until we were done. For me that obviously doesn’t always have a timeline or a definite end point.

My now 18 month old was a “lazy latcher” when she was born. Feelings of failing again came rushing back. I worked with my lactation consultant who tried and suggested everything. I’m also pretty sure I literally tried EVERYTHING! Finally after using these little silicone miracle workers also known as nipple shields for several weeks… SUCCESS!!! We had a full blown nurser. How long are we going to go this time? I have no idea but my breastfeeding goal has never been to nurse my kids to puberty. I just know that as long as it works for us we will continue to do it. My philosophy is, “Whatever works, do that.”

While I am not nor will I ever be that “in your face, look at me nursing my baby” or “my baby is better than your bottle-fed baby” mom I do strongly advocate that breast is best. My daughter needs me right now in a way that she never will again. Nursing her might not completely fulfill her need for nourishment anymore, but it does fulfill her need for attention, comfort and closeness. It’s just what works for me, my baby and my family.

Yes, I am still breastfeeding and as long as it works for us we will continue to do just that.

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