5 Tips for Moms from Dr. Mom

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5 Tips for Moms from Dr. Mom


Three days a week I’m a pediatrician at 411 Pediatrics & After Hours Care. I help newborns through teenagers with their illnesses and injuries, general wellness and anything else that comes up related to kids’ health.

All the time, I’m a mom. 

With two little ones under the age of four, I get what a lot of my patient families are going through. Middle-of-the-night wake up calls, constant runny noses, the “I-only-want-a-grilled-cheese” diet…I’ve been there! I’m still there!

I like to think that being a Dr. Mom makes me a better pediatrician. It’s an experience that I talk a lot about. Here are five other tips I share with parents…

  1. Trust your instincts. If you feel something isn’t right with your child’s health, call your doctor. You know your child best.
  2. Write down questions when they happen. Remembering all the questions you wish to ask your doctor is nearly impossible when you’re sleep-deprived (who isn’t with kids!) or distracted trying to keep her calm during the check up. Use your cell phone notepad or another app to write down questions when they pop up. In that way, all your questions will be at your fingertips for the next doctor visit.
  3. I love your kids. I spent many years studying pediatrics and even worked as a pediatric hospitalist in a hospital because I love kids and I wanted to be as knowledgeable as I could about their health. I’m guessing it’s the number one reason most pediatricians do what they do. So, even though your child is screaming in my exam room or refusing to open her mouth for a throat culture, I still love her and want to do what’s best for her.
  4. It’s okay to take off the Supermom cape once in a while. So what if the kids had ice cream for dinner or if you let your son eat crackers that fell on the floor or if you let him stay up way past his bedtime. Sometimes the reality of parenting makes us bend the rules.
  5. But, while parenting isn’t an exact science and there are many occasions to ‘let things go’, there are a few rules you should always follow for the health of your child… car seat safety, sleep safety, and vaccines. Yes, Yes, and definitely Yes.

– Cacey

dr-cacey-adams-411-pediatricsDr. Cacey Adams is a pediatrician at 411 Pediatrics and After Hours Care located 10 minutes from Downtown Austin near Westlake High School. The 411 Pediatrics’ team sees babies and children from birth through age 18 with the convenience of being open 7 days a week and until 6pm on weeknights.

Address: 925 Westbank Drive, Suite 10, Austin, TX 78746
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  1. Tiffany Locke January 30, 2017 at 6:21 pm #

    Writing down questions on your cellphone when they pop up is an excellent way to keep track of everything you wish to know from your pediatrician. If you try to remember everything, especially when you’re being distracted, can be very difficult, so it’s very convenient that we have cell phones and other devices which can help keep track of details for us. I would imagine that having your child prepare for their pediatric visit by thinking up some questions themselves and telling you beforehand, could help them look forward to the visit as well.

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