DriveBetter: Moms, Teen Drivers & Tech

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DriveBetter: Moms, Teen Drivers & Tech

by :: Heather White
Mom of 3 + Co-creator of DriveBetter

As Moms, the health and safety of our family members are our top concern. There are countless books, blogs, and boards of moms, family experts, and medical professionals coaching us from pregnancy thru Kindergarten and then suddenly…silence. Why is this? Does society think we moms should have parenting all figured out by the time our kiddo’s reach the 3rd grade? I don’t know about you, but parenting doesn’t get any easier as my children get older. Which was easier for you – your toddler or your new teenage driver?! I have noticed there does seem to be one common factor to help make a mom or dad’s life “easier” at any stage – tech. Everything from baby video monitors to smartphones with those apps we just couldn’t live without! This brings to my primary point of writing this post – if you are nearing or knee deep in teaching your teen how to drive, there is a great tech resource available to help you encourage them to be a safer driver. Introducing: DriveBetter, the smart driving coach.


Maybe you’ve heard of the new teen driving technology Chevy and Ford is touting on their new 2016 & 2017 vehicles. Again, I don’t know about you, but I have no plans of buying my new teen driver a new vehicle to drive. The beauty of DriveBetter is it’s a small device that plugs in under your dash and communicates with you (mom and/or dad + driver) via a smartphone app. Technology is here to save the day! You don’t need to shell out $20,000+ for a new vehicle, DriveBetter works on any vehicle made in the last 20 years. The app is great because it stores a log of trips and lets you know how your new driver is doing even when you are not riding in the car with them. It’s a great way to let teens earn a little freedom and you not having to worry about becoming that helicopter parent you swore you wouldn’t be.

Do your mom-thing and continue to keep your family healthy and safe by staying involved and encouraging your teen to be a safer driver. As an added bonus, you will be supporting a locally owned business (I’m an Austin mom too!) and do some real social good. To learn how to purchase DriveBetter and for a product demo, please visit I look forward to hearing from you!


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