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You know those nights: The fridge is bare. The freezer meals you can scrounge up are boring. Or even the mere thought of cooking anything makes you want to lay down and kick your feet up. Plus, you don’t want to wrangle the kids out to eat. Instead, UberEATS can be the hack you need to deliver you a healthy meal to your door.

For me, my husband travels A LOT. That means just ME preparing meals for my daughter and me the majority of the time. When my daughter has dance class on Thursdays, I never feel like going home to make anything after so instead I love to make Thursday nights my UberEATS’ night. I can order my food and have it ready at the door by the time I get home. 


Of course I could go through a drive-thru on the way home, but instead I love that I can order healthy meals from restaurants all over Austin — in fact there are over 100 restaurants to choose from. To get restaurant food I’d have to stop, get my daughter out of the car seat, wait for a restaurant to make my meal (also entertain my daughter while she is starving)… all before getting back home. And if you have a toddler, you know that actually EATING at the restaurant is a not-so-hot idea either. 

Instead when I get home, a delicious restaurant meal is delivered to my door at an expected delivery time (you get a visual of the delivery time right when you order). There’s a $3.99 delivery fee regardless of how much you order. You pay one flat delivery fee. Tip is neither required nor expected. They deliver not only all over Austin, but Cedar Park, Round Rock and Pflugerville for all the families that live up North. 

So on a particularly rainy night, it was important to me to get home right after my daughter’s dance class and EAT. I went with one my favorite Austin restaurants, Chi’Lantro, and had the rice bowl and well, yes queso and kimchi fries (hey did I mention I’m pregnant too?!) come to me. 


There is so much variety in the restaurants they deliver from that even the pickiest eaters (my 2 1/2-year-old for one) can find something delicious to get delivered. They will even bring me TEO gelato when this pregnant mama can’t get back out after my daughter has gone to sleep. 

UberEATS can be a life saver in a TON of other situations too. If I forget to bring breakfast or lunch to work, they can deliver me Daily Juice or Firehouse Subs. Or if I have a friend that needs some cheering up, UberEATS will deliver items such as a Cornucopia Popcorn tin. There are so many options to get you out of any bind.

Our friends at UberEATS are offering Austin Moms Blog readers $15 off a first order with promo code ATXMOMSBLOG. Try it out for an easy family dinner night and let us know how you like it!



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