6 Money Saving Hacks

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Money Saving Hacks


I wouldn’t consider myself the most fantastic money saver out there, but over the years our family has definitely learned some creative ways to save money where it counts. And let’s face it – while financial advice is important, it can often be repetitive and dull. But… 

Here are some scary statistics to think about.

  • Cable price hikes have averaged 5.9 percent a year since 1995, according to the FCC
  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Austinites spend $52,020 a year on average on entertainment, restaurants, housing and more, a hefty sum when considering Austinites make only $200 more on average per year (average weekly wages for all industries multiplied by 52 weeks).
  • Austin tops the list of where people spend the most on dining out, with an annual average of $12,447. *SOURCE: An annual survey by Bundle.

So I have put together some easy ways that our family has saved money over the years that might help you out too!

1. Cut Cable :: As I mentioned above, cable has dramatically increased over the years and for our family, we just realized that cable wasn’t a huge necessity. We took advantage of an Apple TV, Netflix, and a suepr inexpensive wall antennae so that we could still watch all of our favorite shows at a fraction of the price! 

2. Cloth Diaper :: Not only is cloth diapering so much better for your kiddos, but it’s also A TON more cost-effective. You will save thousands of dollars when it’s all said and done by going the cloth diaper route. 

3. Homemade Detergents :: This has to be one of the easiest ways to save money. Consider making your own laundry and dish detergent with really simple ingredients. Check out our recipes! 

4. Smart Home :: We invested in the Nest thermostat for our upstairs and downstairs units and we saw instant money saving results! This is a great way to have a fancy looking thermostat AND save money! 

5. Financial Digital Tools :: This is a HUGE one! Banks aren’t just a place to hold your money, they’re also an amazing resource for things like online bill pay, mobile check deposits, alerts on spending, and more! 

By scheduling automatic payments with features such Capital One’s Online Bill Pay, you’ll have better peace of mind that your bills are being paid on time, every time.

Capital One personalized account alerts allow you to keep up on all your banking activity. Forgot about the late night online shopping spree? Alerts will keep you honest—and accountable. 

Mobile Check Deposit (like the feature offered from Capital One) not only ensures that money goes straight in your account, but it saves you valuable time, too. Capital One Enhanced Transactions gives you a full snapshot of transaction details, like purchases, ATM withdrawals, merchant names/logos and a bunch more. Plus, an easy-to-read pie chart gives you a quick glimpse of the categories where you’re spending your money. Seeing it laid out like that might make you reconsider when and where to splurge. Save time and money!

6. Trade in your old tech for cash :: Have some old phones and tablets lying around? They could be worth a couple hundred bucks. Many internet trade-in sites and retail stores will offer gift cards and even free shipping for your old tech through something called “recommerce,” aka reverse commerce. If you can make money off old things lying around, do it!

Truth is, digitizing your life can have a bonus effect on your wallet. That’s why Capital One teamed up Digital Lifestyle Expert Katie Linendoll to provide some financial life hacks to help you save and bank more ways using digital tools and the latest technology. 

Check out Katie Linendoll’s money saving hacks! 

We’d love to hear about your money saving tips! With the holidays quickly approaching, we could all use some money saving hacks. 


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