8 Tips That Make Costco Shopping Easier

Costco Mom Hour was just a couple of weeks ago and today we are here to share some fun tricks about shopping at Costco with you! Thank you to all of the moms who endured the long lines to join us. We appreciate you!


1. Shop Without a Membership

A Costco Gold Star membership costs $55 a year and while most members {me included} say they earn that money back in savings after one or two trips to the store, it’s understandable that you may be hesitant. Ask a friend who is a member to buy you a cash card since it acts like a gift card + membership all in one. This way you can shop and try it out before making the commitment.

Did you know that you purchase prescription drugs, see an optometrist, and eat at the food court WITHOUT a Costco membership? 

2. The Kirkland Brand Is Just As Good As Name Brands

Kirkland Signature includes everything from clothing to diapers to pet food. Their signature brand is the same as some of the more common brand names, if not better!

3. You Don’t Need Coupons 

Put your scissors away! Costco already has some of the lowest rates so they do not accept general manufacturer coupons! 

4. You Don’t Need Costco Coupons

Costco has a coupon book, but you don’t have to snip those either since most of the items in the coupon book are now called Instant Savings aka no coupons are necessary at the register. Note :: Several departments still require coupons like optometry and photo departments, but the savings are so huge that it’s worth the effort!

5. Costco Has the Best Prices

Flowers, rotisserie chickens, loaves of bread and more, Costco has unbeatable prices! Hanson says other grocery items are almost impossible to beat. Milk, eggs, butter, and cheeses are almost always less expensive than at any other grocery store. You may own a TON of it, but it IS cheaper.

6. Beware of Free Samples

Ummm… so… yeah. The free samples are AMAZING, don’t get me wrong, BUT be careful not to buy a case of pancake mix just because the demonstrator was super nice and now you feel obligated. 

7. Don’t Miss the Gift Card Section

Did you know that you can buy an array of gift cards at a HUGE discount at Costco?! They’re typically a $100 value for just $79.99 and include, movie theaters, restaurants, outings, and more.

8. Stock Up On Booze While You’re There

Who doesn’t like a good drink? From a huge wine selection to Kirkland vodka, the alcohol selection is so popular among shoppers. You’ll thank me later!

So there you have it! Do you have any Costco hacks?

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