A Gift for Every Age and Stage


Need a gift idea for the children in your life? No need to fret. Take a look at our recommendations for toys at every age and stage. While this list may help you check a few names of your shopping list, pass it on to friends and family that may need inspiration too!


0 to 12 Months

A little music box that can fit easily into momma’s diaper bag will be a big winner.

Building blocks to play with AND you can chew on them!

A baby play gym that can be inexpensive and will last your little one for more than just a few weeks!


12 Months to 3 Years

Chunky puzzles are educational and fun too.

You can’t go wrong with Little People sets and figurines that encourage learning and play.

Music and dancing toys FOR THE WIN. This little guy especially will help your toddler burn some energy!


3 to 5 Years

Pretend play is where it’s at for these pre-schoolers. Getting a fun tent or tunnel will be a hit for the kids in your family!

Kids love to reenact what they see in the world around them. Kitchen and food toys are perfect for this age group.

Not only are they cute, but kids can learn how to express themselves through make believe. Finger puppets are a fun way to play with this age group! Buy them or make them with your little one.



Know a kid who loves to move? This car will be a big hit!

An art set will be perfect for a child who loves to create.

Know a kid that loves to entertain and play? Consider a karaoke or video set!


You can’t go wrong with getting your teen a gift card and letting THEM choose what they want. iTunes, Chik-fil-a, American Eagle? It’s the perfect gift.

Ear phones, especially wireless if you can swing it, will put a big smile on their face.

You know how adults love coloring books these days? Well teens have been enjoying mandalas long before we hopped on the bandwagon!

We hope this list gives you inspiration to tackle your shopping list! Let us know if you have a toy or recommendation that wins every time! Happy shopping!

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