Our Favorite Toddler Snapchat Filters

My almost two-year-old son’s fascination with technology amazes me. He’s constantly holding up anything that remotely resembles a phone to his ear jabbering away, wants to sit in my lap k to type on the keyboard of my laptop and comes running across the house when he hears the FaceTime ringtone. 

Our second favorite activity on the phone, right behind watching Blippi Garbage Truck video on repeat, is taking pictures together. He’s recently learned how to “say cheese” and even though it resembles more of a growl, he loves to smile when he sees the phone/camera!  And to take those photos to the next level, we love checking out Snapchat’s constantly rotating filter selection. You just open to app, switch to the front-facing camera, put your finger over your face and choose from a variety of augmented reality filter fun. 

Here are a few of our social media savvy contributors’ and friends’ kiddos rocking our favorite Snapchat filters:

When sticking out your tongue is encouraged

Many of Snapchat’s filters are triggered when you stick your tongue out at the camera. Here’s one of wide-eyed, rainbow tongue Duece:


Rachel Lily's toddler Duece's favorite is the rainbow tongue

Rachel Lily’s toddler Duece’s favorite is the rainbow tongue

Special events and occasions

Whether it’s an official holiday like Halloween or Christmas or a faux holiday like National Cheeseburger Day, there’s probably a special edition filter for it. Here’s one of our son’s favorites on Opening Day of baseball:

My son Parker with the baseball Opening Day filter.

My son Parker with the baseball Opening Day filter

Voice-changing filters

Toddlers don’t always speak all that coherently without a filter (at least not mine), but voice-changing filters are especially hilarious! There’s a good rotation of a deer, reindeer, and duck that change your voice to the tone of that animal as you record a video. You’ll have to use your imagination to hear Katie and Wesley quacking in this photo:

Katie Taylor and her son Wesley with the duck filter

Katie Taylor and her son Wesley with the duck filter


Is your toddler obsessed with selfies and Snapchat? What are your favorite filters? 

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