Why This Austin Mom Loves Bobby Bones

bobby bonesI want to remind all of you that I have written many a blog post now for Austin Moms Blog, and love them or hate them, not ONE of them has made me out to be a crazy person. Not one. Not yet, anyway.  This one may.  It will.  

Yes, this may be the cheesiest, Fan Girl-est post I’ll ever write, but I don’t even curr…I love me some Bobby Bones, and I’m gonna tell you all about it.  

I can hear it now in the comments…”Couldn’t AMB have chosen a more notable topic to write about?”  “My cousin’s best friend’s aunt’s sister dated Bobby years ago, and he’s actually an ass.” “This is the dumbest article I’ve ever read.” Be all that as it may,  I know I’m not the only Bobby Bones Fan Girl in the ATX, so Crazy Girls, this is for us…

7 Reasons Bobby Is My Homeboy

1. He Chose Amy: Amy and I are best friends…she just doesn’t know it. Fun, funny, and true to her convictions, Amy is also the host of the Love What Matters podcast. Choosing Amy as a co-host was probably the best decision Bobby ever made (more about the WORST decision he ever made, later)

2. Pimpin Joy: Pimpin Joy is a movement…initiated by co-host Amy’s mom Judy when she was battling cancer…to find and spread joy in people’s daily lives. Every year in March the show celebrates “Joy Week” ….a week long celebration of “niceness.” All week long listeners of the show share stories of how they spread kindness, or brightened someone else’ s day, via Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #pimpinjoy.  

3. He’s from HERE: host of a show that is syndicated on 100 stations coast to coast, with more than 3 million listeners…and he got his start here, in our beloved A-town.  

4. He’s Humble: He’s not above taking a picture with an over eager, chubby pregnant girl in a Taco Bell parking lot. Of course, that was years ago when he was just Bobby Bones…not THE Bobby Bones…but still. He’s humble. I’m sure of it.  

5. His story: He grew up in rural Arkansas in a trailer park, with an alcoholic mother and his elderly grandmother. The cards weren’t stacked in his favor, and yet…Forbes recently referred to him as “The Most Powerful Man in Country Music.”  He’s a true inspiration, and proof that it actually IS possible to live out your dream. (Side note: you should read his book “Bare Bones”) 

6. St Jude’s: Every year, the show teams up with St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to help raise money during a radio-thon. This year, the show raised $1.3 MILLION dollars for St. Judes in ONE day. Talk about using your platform for something awesome.

7. He’s a true inspiration for the opthamologically-challenged everywhere. Proof that sometimes, just SOMETIMES, poor eyesight can work in ones favor #thoseglassestho

Now I have one bone to pick with Bobby, and it’s this: He passed me by to be his “co-host for a day” a few years ago. Top Four ya’ll. Top four. But alas, he chose someone else. Not that I’m bitter or anything, but I bet THAT girl never wrote an entire blog post dedicated to him 🙂

Bobby Bones…you truly are my homeboy. (And if you ever need a co-host for a day again…well, all I’m saying is, I’m not SO busy with this blogging gig that I’d FOR SURE turn you down.)

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One Response to Why This Austin Mom Loves Bobby Bones

  1. Danna Griffith January 29, 2017 at 9:44 pm #

    Right there with you, Hayley!! And I thought I was his biggest fan! I also have listened to him from his start in Austin. Got my picture with him at the airport this past summer. Love wearing my Pimpin Joy shirt, and I, too, just adore Amy! Can’t believe you were top 4 to co-host for a day!! Love the blog!!! Thanks for sharing!

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