5 Valentine Ideas for the Busy Couple

Let me say, while I fully get the idea that we shouldn’t just be romantic one day of the year, the reality is when you’re a busy couple you don’t turn down any reason to stop and be lovey. But in the same breath, sometimes having one more thing to remember on top of meetings, soccer games, and girl scout cookie booths can be overwhelming in and of itself.

Here are some simple, but great ideas for busy couples on Valentine’s Day:

Go Out for Dinner

This one benefits everyone and can be as simple and kid friendly or as fancy as you want. Bottom line no one has to cook it or clean dishes. In Austin you can go from food trailer with kids to family friendly places such as Hat Creek Burger to incredible sushi at Uchi.

Date Night In

When there are no babysitters to be found sometimes you make the best with what you’ve got. The beauty here is that not only does it open up a lot of options (board game, netflix, bubble baths?) but you also don’t have to wear makeup or a bra for any of them, which could make the night even more romantic if you think about it.

Go Somewhere Special

Not necessarily special to the rest of the world but special to the both of you. It could be where you first met, or a special date, or even where you decided to spend the rest of your lives together. If you’re new to Austin make a new special place! From Pennybacker Bridge to Mount Bonnell there are some amazingly romantic places in ATX to make memories.

Personal Gifts

The reality of busy couples is that sometimes you don’t even get to see each other or have a date on Valentines especially when it falls midweek. Personal gifts are a great way to remind your special someone how much they mean to you. It can be as simple as their favorite flower to a hobby that they love. My favorite are inside jokes. My hubby and I call each other otters (long story) so anytime I see an otter gift I get it for him.


This is perfect for a busy couple, especially when you just remembered it is Valentines when your phone alarm goes off the day before… or the day of. Another perk of Austin is that you can get just about anything delivered. From Tiff’s Treats to Farmgirl Flowers to Hey Cupcake, there is a variety of things you can get delivered to your loved one to shower them with goodies. Bonus points if you get something that can be shared at the office!

What do you like to do for your significant other on Valentine’s Day? 

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