Why I Still Write Thank You Cards and Wish We All Did

Thank you, it seems like a simple notion, but it can be a powerful one as well. Growing up writing thank you cards was something ingrained in me. I took it for granted as a child but as an adult I can’t tell you how grateful I am that my Dad taught me why they were important.

   I don’t know why we don’t write thank you cards more. Seriously, I know we are busy moms, but this is a lost art that has left us worse off in my opinion. Thank you cards are beneficial both ways. It feels wonderful to put into writing how something someone did made you feel or what it meant to you. It feels just as amazing to know that not only did you make someone feel that way but that they took the time out of their life to write to you to let you know.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you should write one to every guest at your kid’s birthday (generic thank you tags on goodie bags are fine there). I’m talking about when someone does something that just is really wonderful. Sometimes it’s big and time consuming, like hosting a shower for you, but sometimes it is bringing you a cup of coffee or meal when they know its a bad day or all the house is sick. Sometimes it is coming over for a girl’s night and not caring that your house looks like an F-5 tornado just ripped through. People do many things for us that we appreciate, or that make us smile, why not acknowledge that feeling and swim around in it for a bit?

 I don’t think anyone does something just to get a thank you card, but in a world that seems so rushed and sometimes overwhelming why not take a moment to sit and write (the old fashioned way) to someone that made you feel loved? And yes I just gave you the green light to go to Target or somewhere like Paper Source and buy beautiful, fancy stationary.

Do you still always write thank you notes? 


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  1. brittanyjedrzejewski
    brittanyjedrzejewski February 17, 2017 at 11:53 am #

    Love this post! Thank you notes were ingrained in me too (by my mom, love that it was your dad). Getting ready to settle in this weekend and write some with the kids.

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