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Howdy, AMB mommas! 
My name is Amy, which unfortunately was one of the most common girl names when I was born in the late 70s. In my group of close friends there are 3 amazing moms named Amy, so I am often referred to by my last name “Stine” to avoid Amy confusion. I’ll answer to either, though.
I’m a native Texan who grew up in Houston, went to college in San Antonio at Trinity University, followed my new love to Dallas for a year, and then settled with him here in Austin in 2000. 
We spent the first part of our time in North Austin but in 2012 we moved to the outskirts of Southwest Austin. We love living in the Hill Country and having quick access to awesome BBQ, the lakes, and beautiful swimming holes.
I left the working world when my oldest was 2 and my middle son was 8 months old. I didn’t plan on being a stay-at-home mom, but the circumstances made it an easy decision. My two kids were constantly sick at daycare and I never had enough sick time available to be with them when they were sick. It got to a point where my youngest had a horrible case of pneumonia and I felt trapped between my job and family. I can’t say enough how lucky I was to be able to make the decision to leave the working world, as I know some people don’t have that luxury.
It’s now been almost 6 years since I’ve been a full-time mom. While I may be almost bald from stress and slightly insane (ok, maybe really insane), it’s been a fun and crazy ride. 
I now have 3 kids in my circus: Silje (2009), Gunnar (2010), and Boden (2012). My husband has Norwegian heritage and in my hormonal state of pregnancy, we decided to name our daughter after a cousin of his in Norway. While we love the name Silje, I’m sure she will hate me for it at some time in the future. I decided to downplay the Scandinavian influence for her two little brothers so hopefully they won’t hate me quite as much for their name choices.
I consider myself an extroverted introvert which makes writing perfect for me. I have always enjoyed telling stories, and motherhood often provides the craziest stories. I tell my own life’s stories at
When I’m not doing laundry, fetching snacks, answering endless questions or doing dishes, I love to be outside with the kids. You’ll usually find us riding bikes and scooters in front of the house or jumping on the trampoline. We also try to figure out new and inventive ways to have our Golden Retriever pull us on the Plasma cars.
Things I avoid: mayonnaise, seafood, long lines, goat cheese, rodents, crafts
Things I love: laughing, colorful eyeglasses, documentaries, large dogs, a good steak, craft beer, tennis shoes
I’m looking forward to being a part of AMB and sharing and comparing stories! 
Amy Stine

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