Meet Steph Hargrave

Steph Hargrave

Hey Y’all! I am Steph Hargrave. Born and raised in Austin – I love planning the party rather than being life of the party, so much that I have made a career out of it! I am an avid runner and cross fitter; my true passion lies in health and fitness. From early morning work outs to healthy cooking and eating. I have an unconventional momming experience – I would say I am the definition of “it takes a village.”

I am dating a real-life superhero (he is not on social media so I can gush without embarrassing him). Not only is he funny, intelligent, patient, a man of integrity and handsome – he is the most amazing role model, care taker, and friend to my 3-year- old. He is the true definition of a dad. To watch this man, with no blood bonds, fervently love my child has been the most awe-inspiring part of motherhood thus far. My cup runneth over!  

Which leads me to my girl, Reagan. She is a mini-version of me; it is both exciting and terrifying. She makes me laugh, and her sweet, one off sentiments sometimes make me cry.

I used to have a narrow mind about what motherhood looked like and truthfully my motto for a while came in the form of self-doubt, “I am not strong enough to do this on my own.” It honestly wasn’t until a friend of mine gifted me with a book called Rock Star Mom that I realized that all of those feelings of inadequacy that I feel of every minute of every day are normal and that when it comes right down to it I am an inspiration Reagan! I hope that my experiences are encouragement to the other moms!

Thank you for making me a part of the AMB Family!



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