You Might be an Austin Mom If…

Austin mom

Austin — a city full of music, the beauty of nature, minimal hustle but a lot of bustle, and kids — lots and lots of kids. For Austin moms, we raise them outdoors, in the best restaurants and coffee shops, with impeccable taste in music, and around a lot of animals. We’ve got the country life and the city life rolled in to one. Horses trot down the same streets as our favorite boutiques. Cowboy boots count as dress shoes and you can be as weird as you want to be. The hippie natural mamas befriend the UT sorority mamas because in Austin our philosophy is we’re all in this together.

Some mamas grew up here and some moved because you can’t beat this small town big city. However you arrived, we’re glad to have you. In Austin, the mom tribe is always growing and there are certain things you’re sure to have in common.

Wondering if you’re truly and Austin mama? You might be an Austin mom if…

Your child only eats food in taco form.

If the temperature drops below 70, your kiddo looks like the little brother from “A Christmas Story,” bundled up so tight they can barely walk.

Your kids have posed under the “I Love You So Much” sign.

Summer is spent on a splash pad tour of the city.

You know every restaurant that has cocktails…and a playground.

Your first purchase as a mom was Baby Banz headphones because there’s no way you’re going to miss SXSW just because of mom life.

Your child has been to a music festival, or two, or three.

When your baby could start eating meat you introduced them to BBQ brisket.

Your baby’s first movie was “Magic Mike 2” at the Alamo Drafthouse baby day (it’s okay, they slept through it).

A doula was present at your birth and you try to convince your non-Austin friends they need a doula present at their births.

You fully believe in the powers of consuming your placenta and you would do it again!

Your kid eats mostly organic and you try herbal remedies before medicine but when there’s about to be a meltdown in Target you grab the nearest box of graham crackers or goldfish and pray. 

You steer clear of the free range peacocks at the zoo in springtime, you learned your lesson about mating season when they chased your toddler last year.

Your 2 year old knows downward facing dog.

You know the slow hours at the Thinkery and avoid it during weekends and school vacations.

You’ve nailed down the backroads that lead to Amy’s Ice Cream, The Thinkery, and The Austin Zoo — you can’t risk a meltdown or missed nap in traffic on I-35.

You toured all the preschools and Montessori schools in town while your baby was still in utero.

Your post-baby diet consisted of no carbs because technically queso isn’t a “carb” right?

You know all the spots where your kid can hang out with animals without leaving the vicinity of your neighborhood.

You consider dog watching at Jo’s a kid friendly activity because dogs and coffee. 

You curse the rooster next door for waking up your child.

You plan all your outdoor summer activities to be over by 11 AM because butt sweat is so real and who has time to shower with kids?

You’ve braved the long ride to Waco with a crying toddler because you’re GOING to the Magnolia Silos no matter what.

Your toddler has been to a bar and points to your drink and says “mommy’s.”

Barton Springs is your favorite summer spot because with all the topless ladies, no one is watching you breastfeed.

Your kids consider “food trucks” to be a food group.

Taking a staycation with your partner feels different every time because a new hotel opens every year and a new restaurant opens every month.

Whether you’re an earth mama, sporty mama, fashion mama, or somewhere in between, you’ll find your place in our city because Austin mamas are chill af.


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