The Ultimate New Mom Gift Guide

new moms gift guide

We’ve all been there – someone you know has a baby, YAY! Be it your bestie, co-worker or neighbor, you still struggle with what to bring the new mom. Most often than not, you’ll send a congratulatory text, obviously, and then ask how you can help. Usually, said new mom is so flustered, overcome with emotions, and/or sleep deprived that she can’t verbalize what she wants or needs. Or, she is like me and won’t ask (or accept) your offer for help. So what in the heck do you do? Take the initiative and be your friend’s champion! See, despite your new mama friend telling you she is squared away, she is probably yearning for a hand from someone who understands her situation, and at the same time doesn’t want to appear needy. Believe me –  I would have never turned down a nap, frozen meal or fresh groceries. And I’m crazy stubborn.

If you need some help making your move, I have some suggestions below. I’m not an expert at everything, but gift giving is my jam. The goal is to bring something mom needs but didn’t think to get herself.

Here are 20 things to consider in for a new mom gift:

NEWSPAPER :: No, not for reading in her downtime, because we all know that’s not happening anytime soon. It is for the sentimental value. The day the baby is born, run out and buy a variety of newspapers. Deliver to mama when you meet the baby for the first time. She will have these newspapers as keepsakes forever – a reminder of what happened in the world the day her child was born.

YOUR TIME :: Sure, you are going to go over and snuggle up on that new baby, so essentially you are giving your time. But what would really be amazing is if you took the baby under your wing for even 30 minutes so your friend can catch some much needed Zzzzs. Especially if it’s a multi-kid situation, she needs that break. Insist on it. She trusts you – one of the benefits of friendship. Let her lean on you this way.

WINE OR CHAMPAGNE :: Regardless of their feeding situation (breast v. formula) if a mom wants that glass of wine, she’ll make it work. And after 40 weeks of being sober, she deserves that glass of wine. Extra points for good bubbles.

FOOD DELIVERY :: New parents are short on time, no surprise there – so food delivery is a great option for gifting. Think Dinner Elf and The Studio Kitchen – companies that deliver pre-made meals that need 10-15 minutes of love in the oven and that’s it.  

GROCERIES :: If you ask a new mom what you can pick her up from the grocery store, she will most likely say nothing. You know she doesn’t really need nothing. Pick up some easy to eat healthy options: fruits, veggies, nuts, hard boiled eggs – you get the picture. I promise you she won’t turn these down. Instacart (the greatest app ever created) is great too, if you can’t get to the store yourself.

COOLING EYE MASK  :: Can we say dark circles and bags? There is no amount of eye concealer that can cover up the often-exhausted look of a brand new mom. Pick up a cooling eye mask to fight those bags. And even if that doesn’t work, at least it will soothe and relax the mama during feedings.

DRY SHAMPOO :: There seems to be a common theme here: lack of time. And lack of time usually means lack of showers. Sorry guys. To keep your new mama bestie looking like a 10, gift her with dry shampoo. Nothing is worse than greasy, flat hair.

ACURE CLEANSING TOWELETTES :: Again. Lack of time, lack of showers. Need I say more?

BIRDS AND BEES EASY NAPS & CALM NIGHTS TEA :: They say “nap when baby naps” but unfortunately it’s not always that easy. This soothing and relaxing blend encourages calmness and entices sleep. A true must-have for any new mom.

LARGE WATER BOTTLE :: New moms can’t get enough water in them. The problem is constantly getting up to refill their water glass, ouch! I remember Amazon prime-ing a 32oz cup a couple days after my daughter was born and it was the greatest day of my life. Well aside from her birth, of course.

ROSE WATER :: Because sometimes a new mom just wants to look and feel a little fresh. A couple spritzes of this stuff and she’ll be feeling like a new lady.

FORMULA :: No, I am not implying you force your new mama friend to give up the boob. But having a container of formula on hand can be a lifesaver for a mom who thought she was going to strictly breast feed but is having issues (latching, producing, etc). When your baby is hungry sometimes you need to do whatever you need to do to keep them satisfied. Rather than having her hubby run out in the middle of the night, your formula will seriously come in handy. For my clean eating and drinking freaks like me, Baby’s Only is one of the cleanest formulas available in the United States.

LONG CELL PHONE CHARGER :: While all of those texts and calls congratulating the new mama are great, they will also drain her battery. Having a long cord, one that will allow her to rest on the sofa with phone nearby,  is a must.

TOYS :: If it’s a multi-kid situation it’s great to keep them distracted while mom tends to her new bundle of love. A new toy is the best way to do that!

THE GIRLFRIENDS’ GUIDE TO SURVIVING THE FIRST YEAR OF MOTHERHOOD :: Somewhere in between the feedings, frustrating cry sessions, and lack of sleep, a new mom needs a good freaking laugh. Even though it was written 20 years ago, gasp, this book makes moms feel better about their situations and most importantly laugh when they need a good laugh the most.

LAVENDER OIL :: Bringing a new baby home is stressful, especially for first time moms. Diffusing lavender oil is an easy way to calm both mom and dad. Calm parents, calm baby.  

MICROWAVEABLE COFFEE MUG :: Let’s be serious. If you have kids you know the chances of a mom actually consuming their coffee while it’s hot is slim to none. Give your new mom friend a mug she can pop in the microwave to reheat, like 10x, throughout the day. And she’ll need a lid. Because, well, kids.

REUSABLE ICE CUBES :: And for the iced coffee drinking moms, the same goes for them. Except in their situation their iced coffee is getting watered down by melting ice cubes. The worst. Especially when you are a new mom banking on that fuel to get you through the rest of the day. The reusable cubes will keep her coffee cold and fresh.

LACTATION COOKIES :: Hey, they may or may not work but at least they are a sweet treat to bring over.

ENGORGEMENT PADS :: They may be in pain and not sure what to do — these can ease their discomfort. 

If you’re a mom, what has been the ultimate gift you received (or wish you received) after your baby was born? Please! Tell me what I missed!

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  1. Christina @ March 23, 2017 at 8:46 am #

    Such creative ideas, I love the newspaper idea! That would be so thoughtful. My favorite gift we received was a handmade crocheted blanket. It’s special to us because it’s handmade, but is also thick and soft so baby doesn’t bang his head during tummy time. I also really appreciated all of the diapers we received though, we didn’t have to buy any for months!

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