Capital One Banking Reimagined Tour

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Capital One Banking Reimagined Tour

One of the biggest barriers to break when starting any type of business is NO MONEY. Lack of finances is the #1 reason why a business idea or venture never fully comes to fruition. 

When we made the decision to launch our business, Austin Moms Blog, one of the first questions I asked was “how much”? Regardless of a person’s income, everyone has to budget and at that time, launching a business wasn’t a part of our family’s “budget”. 

According to a 2017 local market survey fielded by Toluna on behalf of Capital One, only a quarter (26%) of Austin residents feel confident when thinking about their personal finances and over half (57%) of Austin residents are not able to invest more in their passions because of financial obstacles.

No doubt there have been times in life where I definitely fell into that 72%. Every tax season {yes, now} I’m always stressed about ensuring that I prepared my small local business for Uncle Sam. There’s definitely a TON of preparation that goes into setting up your business or your family when it comes to finances and my story is no different. Prior to the launch of Austin Moms Blog, my husband had 100% joint accounts. Every transaction was out there for both of us to see and for us, it worked. When you launch a business though, you HAVE to have a business account. So our once joint account is now split up into A LOT of accounts that we manage, but again, it works. 

Taking care of the business finances has definitely taught me a lot… and some things I’m still learning. Money management isn’t something that comes naturally for me, but when you own a business, you have to flip the switch and make better financial decisions for the betterment of the business.

I’m super DUPER excited to attend the Capital One Banking Reimagined Tour this weekend at the Domain. The Banking Reimagined Tour is a hands-on, digital experience designed to get people thinking and talking about personal finance in a new and engaging way. The Austin Tour takes place April 8-9 from 10am – 6pm at 11410 Century Oaks Terrace, Austin, TX 78758. Pictured here is the Banking Reimagined Tour in San Francisco.

Understanding consumers’ increasing anxiety around having control of their personal finances, Capital One is leading an effort to redesign the banking experience and inspire a new era of confidence when it comes to people’s relationship with their money.

The Banking Reimagined Tour is a hands-on digital experience to spark new ideas about money and help find strategies for the financial road ahead. A ten city tour designed to give people more confidence in their relationship with their money, you could think of it as financial empowerment on wheels.

I never want to be bold enough to say, “I’m done learning, I know it all, I own a perfectly well-oiled machine.” Truth be told, there’s always room for improvement ESPECIALLY on the financial side, so I can’t wait to attend Capital One’s digital experience this weekend to help me start thinking and talking about personal finances in a new and engaging way.

The Banking Reimagined tour is a 20-minute, interactive session that will help uncover the financial behaviors that best match your value system and help you begin to understand the role your personal finances can play in enhancing your life.

:: What You Need to Know About the Tour :: 

  • The centerpiece of the Tour is a state-of- the-art 54-foot trailer housing a smart, personal digital experience that recognizes participants at every stage. The experience includes:
  • Advanced Interactive Touchscreens –9 Multi-Taction Touchscreens spanning 22’ wide and 5’ tall that allow up to three people to interactively scroll through values and goals, giving them an understanding of how their outlook shapes the way they view their money
  • HoloLens Augmented Reality – a cutting-edge technology that lets people interact with 3D holographic imagery in real space and time, bringing their financial goals to life
  • Video Selfie Booths – participants can record a message for their future selves with the knowledge they’ve gained from the experience 

The Banking Reimagined Tour is a small taste of the many ways Capital One is rethinking banking and inspiring a new era of financial confidence.

Let us know if you’re planning on attending the Capital One Banking Reimagined Tour this weekend – I’ll be there with bells on! 


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