A Fun Little Guide To Moving With Kids

moving with kids

Moving with young ones is so much fun! Said no one ever. Ever. 

 Why does moving have to be so stressful? Throw kiddos in to the mix, and you are talking about a panic inducing, crazy chaotic, “why are we doing this?!” scenario. Our family has moved twice in the last two years. Fun times. One move was 1,156 miles, the second more recent move was 7 miles away. I have to say we were far better prepared for our second move, even if we were just going up the street. 
According to Austin Business Journal, there are roughly 159 people are moving in to the Austin area every day. You read that right.. Every day. While, only 40 people are leaving Austin on average everyday. Needless to say, if you live here you have likely moved, know someone who moved recently or are moving soon. 
Although I’m no expert per say, I did learn a couple things and planned slightly differently for our recent move. 

Here are some tips to moving with kids: 


Because you know, as parents we have SO much of this. Ha!
This word really does mean so much when talking about moving though.
Take the time to research. Research packaging supplies, moving companies, daycare providers, cleaning companies, your new neighborhood stores, close gas stations, etc. 
Take the time to start packing early. Get that nap time hustle on mama! You know you won’t be using that turkey roaster in the back of your pantry. Or those boxes of pictures and high school yearbooks in your hallway closet. Pack that up! You could make the goal to pack three boxes a day, heck even just one box a day! Getting a head start on this can make the moving deadline and craziness just slightly more bearable.
Take your time during the move. Don’t give yourself a day or two to be out of your old place and in to the new. It’s never fun or easy to be paying double rent or mortgages, but allowing your self anywhere from 4-7 days (more would be a bonus), will take the added pressure and stress off of you. 


Moving can be hard on little ones. Talk to them! Tell them all about their new home and why its so cool and exciting. Tell them of all the fun things they will be doing, and about the new friends they will be meeting in their new neighborhood.
Make plans for them on the day of the move. Send them over to grandma’s, or their best friend’s house. They can enjoy their day, while you get move’n. Once all the big furniture is situated they can help unpack (hahaha). 
Take them around the new hood! Show them the local park. Get them excited for this new chapter you are starting! 


 I mean common sense, right. When I say plan ahead, I mean plan for the unexpected. Make a plan B. You can never be too prepared. 
My mom came to town to help with our last move and her one job was to watch and play with our girls. Sounds like a great plan, right?! Not so much. We realized real quick that we could use those extra hands with the many jobs we had. Loading, cleaning, packing, unpacking, painting, etc. We immediately went to Plan B… Drop-in daycare (Thanks Ashley’s Playhouse!) What a life saver. My mom then was able to help us and at the same time, we knew the girls were being well taken care of. Worth. Every. Penny. 


For reals. Pack a cooler. Order a pizza. Something. No one wants to be moving with the hangry girl who needs a Snickers. Eat mama! While you’re at it, get yourself a Starbucks. The more comfortable and ready you are physically, the smoother the day will go.


No, I don’t mean kick up your feet and watch your hubby do all the work, although how great does that sound?! What I mean is, try to mentally just take it easy. There will surely be hiccups on moving day, but you gotta let that go mama. 
This is a tough one for me. I’m a little bit of a “every things gotta be perfect” kind of gal. I had to step away a couple times and remind myself that everything will work out. I had to remind myself of the bigger picture, and that its not a race.


Ugh. The actual moving of the furniture and boxes. This part is the worst. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t pressure yourself to have everything situated, unpacked, and placed perfectly the day you move in. Be realistic. Get everything in the right area, or room and go from there. Important stuff first. For us that was our girls room, and our kitchen. 


You did it! It may have taken 48 hours, or it may have taken 48 days, but gosh darn it you did it! It’s done and everyone survived. 
Pour yourself a drink, plan that housewarming party and celebrate this new chapter in your awesome new home! 


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