35 Unique Items for Babies That Might Seem Crazy…But Are So Worth It!

Take it from your fellow mamas, these unique items are worth every cent you pay and will crush any stink eye you receive when discussing or buying them.

In no particular order, here are some wacky, I mean super innovative, unique items for babies — they are must haves. Think perfect shower and birthday gifts!


  • NoseFrida. Straight from an Austin mama: “Everyone was like, that is disgusting, just use a bulb! Nope. This thing is amazing. Gets those boogers out 100x better.” Said another Austin mom, “It’s the grossest godsend ever.” (I think this is the best quote ever.)

The highly recommended (and used) “snot sucker”

  • DockATot. “Pretty hefty price tag for an inflatable bed, but incredible reviews.”
  • Sound Machine. “A $60 white noise machine…but so worth the money!” (side note: battery powered option is good for camping!)
  • Wipe warmer. Because who wants cold wipes on their bottom? Munchkin Warm Glow in particular.
  • Baby infant tub. From 4moms — it checks for the perfect temperature. 
  • Rock ‘n Play. “ Even though it only works for those first few months…worth it!! #1 lifesaver by far.” 

Super portable hands-free rocking

  • Miracle Blanket Swaddle. With this, you CAN swaddle as well as those amazing neonatal nurses.
  • Side-Snap Bodysuits. Bodysuits aren’t just for us 90s girls (and I see they are coming back!). Seriously, they make changes easier, and can be less intimidating for parents who don’t want to pull something over their baby’s head.
  • Baby Einstein videos. Who knows if it helps their IQ, but it’s relaxing and gives us a few minutes to possibly shower.
  • Bumbo floor seat. Infant sitting chair. Bring on the drool and fun.
  • Lobster portable high chair. “We wouldn’t have survived going out to eat without it!” Said another mom, “We could use it at restaurants and family/friends homes. Much cleaner and it folded up into a carry-on bag!”
  • Little Giraffe baby blanket. Cozy satin-trimmed blanket is “expensive and worth it!”
  • Doorway jumper: The chair hangs from the door and they bounce. “It was so great for the boys to burn energy and I could get a few things done around the house.” Said another mama, “I love the Jolly Jumper or, frankly anything that I strapped my children into so I could actually accomplish something around the house! :)”
  • Nursing Poncho. Lightweight and easy to put in the diaper bag.
  • Merlin Magic Sleepsuit. A nice transition from the Swaddle!
  • The Windi Gas and Colic Reliever. Need I say anymore?! Well maybe I do. It’s a single-use catheter. It works instantaneously.

Relieves gas and discomfort naturally

  • Diaper cream applicator. Really? YES. Say goodbye to diaper cream under your fingernails and getting cream all over the place.
  • Kangaroo T-Shirt. Soft and breathable, breastfeeding friendly…all hands free.
  • Baby hammock. Who doesn’t love to lounge in a hammock? Replicates the comfort and security of the womb.
  • Baby bullet system. Food processor to easily make and store homemade, healthy and delicious baby food.
  • ZIPADEE-ZIP. It’s a transition blanket from swaddling, “It was a lifesaver when our kiddos were old enough to be Houdini, but still so young they needed a swaddle. My daughter is 2 and still begs to sleep in hers.”
  • GoPod. “Perfect for baby #2+ because as big sibling would play, this portable jumper was great to pop up at the park or at a game.”
  • Boppy lounger. Perfect to cart around the house and put baby down.
  • Grandma El’s Diaper Cream. “Can be used with cloth or regular diapers and we found it clears up eczema too.”
  • Double BOB. “Great for traveling, running, and it’s just under 3′ wide so it fits through any standard door and can maneuver through properly laid out clothing stores with ease. 😂”
  • Baby First App. “There is something memorizing about Vocabu-Larry and the colorful crayons. Saved us on multiple long road trips.”

Educational entertainment

  • Sippy cup strap. “My favorite. It attached it either to the child or stroller so I didn’t have to keep up with it.”
  • Shopping cart covers. Comes in all colors and patterns for us germ-a-phobes.
  • Snack catchers. “Those little plastic bowls that you can put food in, but it doesn’t spill out.”
  • Car seat cover. So you don’t need to bundle baby up too much in the 3 days it’s cold in Austin.
  • Pumping bra. Gives a new meaning to hands free.
  • Snap-N-Go. Get that carseat in and go out for errands…all without waking up baby. More manageable than a big stroller for quick trips.
  • Baby Einstein play gym. Interactive activity center that goes beyond infancy.
  • Bottle warmer. Warm milk, natural and yummy for baby.
  • And from my own mama…Front and back packs/carriers. “They are better than a pacifier to calm a baby because the baby tunes into the breathing of the one carrying him or her. Also music of a heart beating. Reminds the child of the perfect uterine atmosphere where all his or her needs were met.”

And some more suggestions past the baby stage…


  • Child-sized arm chairs. One of my Austin friends said, “They seemed like a silly novelty for parents before I had kids, but after I had kids, I realized it’s something the kids are drawn to in world of all adult-sized furniture.”

Older children

  • When my daughter saw her best friend with Walkaroo stilts, she immediately added them to the top of her birthday wish list. Several years later (adjustable settings), she still uses them…in the house, on walks, during her brother’s soccer games. Great entertainment with the added bonus of nurturing good balance and exercise anytime.

Stilt master

As moms, we know A LOT about being creative, innovative and resourceful, so here’s to the ridiculously useful!

Note: This post wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the mama’s at Austin Moms Blog and my amazing village of mom friends.

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