DIY: Spring Flower Pots

 spring flower pots


In our house that means: being outside from sun up to sun down, crafting, kinda sorta spring cleaning, and pretending to know how to garden. This year, I decided to go next-level and combine my mediocre gardening skills with my pretty decent crafting skills. Our latest craft-venture (that’s my fancy way of saying “crafting adventure”) was painting terracotta pots to house our marigolds. And if I do say so myself, they turned out pretty darn cute! 

Here are some DIY Spring Flower Pots: 


  • terracotta pots
  • paint (we used outdoor, water-based acrylics, but depending on your kiddos you might want to stick to washable!)
  • brushes
  • Flowers/plants to transplant or seeds/gardening soil 
  • Optional: painter’s tape to create designs, glitter



  1. Gather supplies. 
  2. Tape off any designs you want to stay unpainted. 
  3. Go to town! 
  4. Carefully remove any tape, pulling at a 45 degree angle. 
  5. Let pots dry in the sun for a few hours.


You’ll notice a lot of little hands here. I (against my better judgement) decided to let Owen get in on the painting action. While this made for some super cute sibling moments and LOTS of laughs, it was pretty stressful making sure he didn’t touch anything before I could wash the paint off. If you’re going to involve LITTLE little ones, I suggest you make this a two-man operation. 

The final step is to plant your seeds or transfer your seedlings into their new homes. We transferred marigolds, but I have some pepper plants looking for a home, so I think we might need to do round 2 pretty soon.  

I know that’s pretty vague, but y’all, this is pretty self-explanatory and and really totally open to variation. There’s no wrong way to do it, but here are a few tips to help make it a success! 

  • Dress your kiddos in play clothes/use a smock… or better yet, strip ’em down to diapers and underwear
  • If you’re going to use painter’s tape, apply the tape beforehand. Once paint is out, my kiddos have zero chill, so waiting for me to apply the tape was like waiting to be handed a million dollars. 
  • Have water and wipes on hand for quick cleanup and to combat any rogue paint. 
  • Lower your expectations. This might sound harsh, but realistically the goal here is FUN, quality time with your kiddos. If you want them to be perfect, don’t include your kids. By letting them just enjoy themselves and go ham, you’ll all have a better experience.


Looking for other ideas to decorate your pots? Here are some adorable ideas from around the web: 

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