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Sally Grogono is like a lot of moms — delicately balancing family and professional life every day. Sally has spent her career building a very successful ob gyn practices and has delivered thousands of babies here in Austin.

“I’ve worked very hard to build a practice where I treat patients how I want to be treated… with warmth, compassion, and empathy,” says Sally.

Ten years ago Sally and her husband were faced with a terrible crisis.  Their unborn baby was diagnosed with a devastating heart defect during Sally’s pregnancy. Sally was in a battle to save her unborn son’s life before he could even take his first breath.  Sally and her husband rushed off to Boston for a cutting edge procedure where doctors successfully operated on Sally’s unborn baby in the womb.

For such an experimental technique, Sally’s medical team needed to be in constant contact through every step of the pregnancy and beyond — from hand-holding during difficult times, long one-on-ones with medical staff, and constant contact with doctors through their personal cell phones day or night.  During this difficult time Sally decided her patients back in Austin deserved this same level of care and attention during their pregnancies.

The idea for Luxe OB was born.

Luxe OB is a pioneering new model in prenatal care – a concierge obstetrics practice providing an elite level of patient-centered care not available anywhere else.  

Gone are the stuffy waiting rooms and automated phone systems. Luxe OB patients have full and complete access to Dr. Grogono in the comfort and convenience of their home. In addition to in-home clinical visits, patients have Dr. Grogono’s direct cell phone for questions or consultations day or night.  Luxe offers personalized, private childbirth and lactation consultation to ensure patients are as comfortable as possible during their pregnancy and beyond. Patients also have the peace of mind that Dr. Grogono will deliver patients herself, not the hospital’s on-call physician whom the patient may not meet until they’re ready to deliver.  

Luxe OB allows a return to the kind of patient care that inspired Sally to devote her life to medicine and gives expectant moms in Austin the kind of personalized care they deserve during the most important and special 9 months of their lives.

“I continue to be in awe of the amazing care we receive due to my son’s heart issue,” says Sally.  “That’s the kind of care my patients deserve, and now Luxe OB exists to provide it.”

Visit to learn more about how Sally and her team can give you and your baby the special care you both deserve during pregnancy.  You can also call Luxe OB at 512-361-2020, or email at [email protected].

LuxeOB will be at our Flamingle Mom’s Night Out tomorrow evening as well as our Bloom event on Saturday! A few tickets are still available – join us if you can and ask LuxeOB any questions! 

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  1. Beatriz Jensen May 3, 2017 at 8:10 am #

    Salute to Sally Grogono for your mind-blowing activities. She deserve a bow from everyone for her steps at the time of her pregnancy. From these difficulties the idea for Luxe OB was born. Now Luxe OB is a pioneering new model in prenatal care.

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