7 Ways to Geek Out for “May the Fourth Be With You” {Star Wars Activities in Austin}

Star Wars Activities in Austin

I’ve been told there is 1% of the population that has never seen Star Wars; a stat that was likely made up on the spot to create a great meme. Either way, I’ve made it a point to remain in this 1% for my 33 years of life. But now I have a three year old boy and he thinks storm troopers are the bees knees.

You can imagine my horror as I walked in on my husband watching some dark sci-fi mess with my toddler in a trance over Darth Vader. <insert ‘eye roll’ emoji>

Y’all, answer me this: how is a three old riddled with nightmares after Finding Nemo but is perfectly un-phased by Star Wars?

And before the sancti-mommies crucify me in the comment section, let’s be clear that my little boy has never “really” seen Star Wars. Admittedly, he will play while its on the background. We have a tiny house and sometimes, it is what it is. He doesn’t really sit and watch much of anything. Except live garbage trucks on YouTube. THAT is how we kill his brain. 

Though, in order to “be cool like dad”, I began teaching him to say things like “Luke, I am your father.” I also play the Imperial March in the car all the time and I’ll be the first to admit, the movie scores are straight up legit. Lastly, to my surprise, I’ve conceded to being Princess Leia for Halloween later this year; something I promise he won’t forget having planned.

While I intend to keep my perfect record till death, I do understand the thrill. My favorite attraction at Hollywood Studios has always been Star Wars. That, and well, Indiana Jones…  because, Harrison Ford. Obviously.

“May the Fourth Be With You” is here, I’ve  done some research on how to excite this little nerd toddler of mine and thought I would share my ideas with you.

Here are some ideas for Star Wars Activities in Austin:

  1. Host a movie marathon party. Rogue One just hit retailers so snag a copy and gather your geeks. For said party, have some fun nibbles like these.

    Idea credit: Clean and Scentsible

  1. Dress up with your favorite little Ewoks. Are Ewoks a thing? I’m having to look this up. Because my sister lives across the country, she finds unique ways to be as connected as possible. She bought little man a Darth Vader mask and cape for his birthday, while ordering a Storm Trooper mask for herself. This FaceTime date was planned for months and I only wish I was this awesome. 

  1. Try a Vadering photo project with your friends. There is a hashtag and everything, #vadering. 

Image Credit: Gadget Review

  1. Channel your inner Chewbaca Mom for carpool. You can find your mask on good ‘ole Amazon Prime. And who knows, maybe you’ll go viral, too. 


  1. For the whole family, visit the Windsor Park Branch Library to find a costume show, trivia, games, prizes, photo booth, crafts and more.  This free event is on Friday, May 5th (aka: Revenge of the 5th) from 6:30 – 8:30PM. 
  2. May the Fourth Be With You at Catch Air : $4 admission for EVERY CHILD
  3. Explore one of Austin’s many bars for adult friendly outings that mom and dad will love! All of these events are taking place on May 4th. 
  • Elysium– Starting at 9:30 pm, Elysium boasts a night of “drinking, dancing and delights.” $5 in advance or $7 at the door.
  • Blackheart– Hit Rainey Street for some dark side fun starting at 6:00 pm. 
  • 4thTap Co-Op– Free celebration at 7:30 pm.
  • Independence Brewing Co. – Another free event with doors opening at 7:00 pm and the program starting at 8:30 pm. One will enjoy a costume contest and brewery tours.

I may have never seen a Star Wars film but I can appreciate a money maker when I see one. I hope you guys enjoy your costumes, mesmerizing anthems and movie trivia. If you need me, I’ll be binging on Hallmark chick flicks.

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