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Sitters are hard to come by. Quality sitters are even more difficult to find. Insert Hill Country Sitters to the rescue!

As a mom of 2 wild boys and a barely 1 year old, finding someone to say “yes” to caring for and loving on my adorable clan for an evening out is next to impossible. There are so many babysitting and nanny service options in the greater Austin Area, but I was lucky enough to take advantage of Hill Country Sitters for a last minute date night with my husband. I was in a serious pinch to find someone and while the earth would have continued to rotate had I needed to cancel our date night, my soul REALLY needed that night out with my husband.

I can’t tell you how simple, reliable, affordable, and happy I was with the services provided by Hill Country Sitters.

  1. Affordable ::

    I’m known to over-pay my sitters. I want them to always say “yes” and I have a tendencey of putting myself in their shoes and thinking “what would I do this job for?” Well the truth is, I’m their mom so if it were me, I deserve good pay 🙂 I won’t get into what I normally pay for a sitter, but let’s put it this way, my bill at the end of the night was 1/2 of what I normally pay.  

  2. Reliable :: 

    Did I mention I’m a mom of 3? I’ve had some really terrible sitters throughout my almost 7 year journey as a mother. Again, I won’t go into all the crazy stories I’ve encountered and have even heard some of my friends endure, but let’s just say that none of them deserved that over-paid paycheck. Our sitter, Maddie, was AMAZING! The first person who could actually follow instructions. We came home to sleeping babies, a clean house, and a super sweet babysitter who was doing her college schoolwork! We just adored our sitter.

  3. Easy ::

    Booking Hill Country Sitters was a breeze! Aside from having sitters in South & North Austin, they also have sitters that are willing to travel into town. I’m in West Austin and it was a piece of cake to get our sitter here. Good help is definitely hard to find..let Hill Country Sitters find it for you!

All of the Hill Country Sitters have the following credentials! 

  • Our sitters have years of experience and are CPR/First Aid Certified 
  • Convenient booking request
  • Affordable rates
  • Our company is licenses, bonded, and insured
  • Babysitting, House Sitting, Pet Sitting, and Event Sitting

Book your next Hill Country Sitter today!

Book a sitter at [email protected] or text/call 830-446-3686

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