Summer Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom


summer stay-at-home mom

School officially got out on June 1st. Yesterday I thought to myself, “You know, why DON’T we do year round school in Texas?”  I can FEEL my kids’ brains turning to mush. But that’s not the only thing I feel. I can feel my life being sucked out of me. All of my resolve is slipping away. I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with the fact that by 8 AM, I had already told my kids “no” at least twenty times.

Here’s my morning. Can you relate?

5:30 AM. Three year old was demanding water and a TV show. “No, child. Go back to sleep, and YOU DON’T TALK TO YOUR MOM LIKE THAT.” He cries and goes back to sleep. (And thankfully, so do I.)

7:25 AM. Seven-year-old is nudging me, “Mom, can we go to Tyler’s house today?” (WTH ARE YOU ASKING ME THIS AT 7:25 AM.)

“Um, I don’t know. Can you go turn on a show? I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“We already watched four shows.” (WHAT TIME DID YOU WAKE UP?)

“Okay, I’m getting up. No iPads or video games today.” (Did I mention everyone’s brain is turning to mush?)

7:35 AM. Feeding everyone breakfast. Three-year-old asks for a Coke. “No, child. You cannot have a Coke.” Meltdown ensues.

7:45 AM. Seven-year-old says, “I’m bored!”

“Then how about you do a math lesson in your workbook?” (See how hard I’m trying?)

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!” (Holy crap, kid. Get a hold of yourself.)

Yeah I’m a summer stay-at-home mom. And on June 1st, I was dying for summer. We’ve flipped the switch. Here’s a little honest peek into the thoughts I’ve had: 

  • “I need a job that pays JUST a little more than what a full-time nanny costs.”
  • “Year-round school is SUCH a good idea. Summer break should last from Memorial Day till after July 4th.”
  • “Surely I can splurge on an iced-coffee from FAVOR today.”
  • “How am I going to pull it together to last the next MONTH before school starts again?”
  • “What is my sanity really worth?”
  • “We have gone seriously wrong in our parenting and we need help.”
  • “Dinner. WHAT am I going to do for dinner?” (I just fed them breakfast 1, breakfast 2, snack, lunch 1, lunch 2, snack, and dinner 1.)

True story. LAST Summer, I pre-scheduled counseling sessions every other week throughout the summer in preparation for the summer doldrums.  Somehow, last summer, I was able to maintain a lot of structure and it all ended up being fine. This summer, I think I went in overly confident.

I wish I had the answers for you friends. But I don’t. If you can relate on ANY level, then this post has done it’s duty. Godspeed.  And just over a month till school starts.

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  1. Charlotte Howard July 18, 2017 at 5:46 pm #

    This is too funny! I can only imagine the angst of a child with a stay at home mom during the summer! And it is so great reading that you went to counseling! Counseling is such a great way to get some things off your chest and it is so beneficial to your mental health!

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