Becoming A Stay-at-Home Mom When All My Kids Are In School…

staying home with school age kids

My boys are 10, 7 and 6. They are all in school full time. Yet, I have made the decision to become a stay-at-home mom. I know, it seems a little backwards. Most moms decide to stay home with their babies/kids and then go back to work once their kids are in school, but I have decided to do it backwards! I was a stay-at-home mom years ago when all 3 of mine were not in school. I was getting my masters at the time and they were newborn age, 1.5 and 4. Let me just say, those 2 years were rough! I was climbing the walls and could not wait to get back to teaching.

However, now that my boys are older and very involved in sports, our days are insane. Once I get home from work about 5:00pm, I try and go to gym (ha!), then it is off to baseball, soccer , karate or wrestling. We don’t get home until 8ish most nights, then we have to eat dinner, bathe and get ready for bed. My days are like Groundhog Day…the same thing over and over. I am exhausted. Daily. The weekends are when I try and get my house cleaning done, along with laundry, but our weekends are full of games and tournaments. It’s just absolutely insanity, but I wouldn’t change that because my boys enjoy all of their activities. 

About 2 months ago my anxiety was at its highest and I just couldn’t control it. I felt like a horrible mom and a horrible wife. With my husband’s schedule as a police officer, most days we were two ships passing in the night. The only interaction I had with my kids was taking them to practice and rushing them into bed. Our family needed a change, but I just wasn’t sure what it was.

The idea of quitting my teaching job that I love popped in, but I immediately pushed that thought out of my mind. I loved my job and really didn’t want to leave my position, colleagues or students. I kept that thought to myself until one day my husband had enough of my breakdowns! He suggested I quit work, and I cried harder. I knew he was right. I knew that my household was not functioning the way that I wanted it to because I was putting so much time and effort into other people’s kids. So, I ugly cried in my principal’s office when I broke the news and he then asked me what I was going to do since my kids are in school.

What AM I going to do? Well, I will be able to go on field trips with the boys that I have never been able to do even though they beg me to every year. I’ll be able to attend the programs that their school puts on in the middle of the day. I will be able to go the Mommy and Me breakfast that I have missed for years. I am going to enjoy picking them up from school and doing homework with them. I want to enjoy my life and I haven’t felt like I have for awhile. My husband and I will be able to spend more time together too! 

I am looking forward to this new normal for my family. My boys are extremely excited that I am will be so readily available to them and I am looking forward to really focusing on my family and myself. I am sure I will be able to find a lot of things to do staying home with school age kids!

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  1. Charlotte Howard July 21, 2017 at 12:06 pm #

    Being a stay at home has so many benefits! However, the true question is are you happy…I find that a lot of moms who are struggling with what to do in that situation is that they are deciding between their happiness and what they think they should do to be that “perfect mom”. Now, in your case because you had anxiety and it was driving you insane, for your mental health this was a great decision! But, for some moms it only increases their anxiety more. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy July 26, 2017 at 8:38 pm #

    Thanks for sharing Amy, btw great name! I too after teaching in special education for 15 years made the incredible hard decision to walk away from my amazing students and become a stay at home mom. Both my children are school aged. I had so many people say why would you quite your job now…your kids are in school? Why wouldn’t why? I have the opportunity in my eyes to be able to be a better functioning mother and wife! Lol My husband is a firefighter and his schedule can be hectic at times. I would find myself running crazy out the door in the mornings and full of anxiety and stress by day’s end. I had to miss so many field trips, programs, etc etc. only able to pick and choose a few things each year to attend. Now, I’m there for it all and it feels wonderful! The best is seeing my children’s face light up when I walk into their class to volunteer. I have to admit it’s taken me a little time to get my “stay at home” routine in full swing but I got it now and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I do miss my students like crazy…but they will always have a special place in my heart!
    Beyond Blessed….

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