Dear Kindergarten Teacher…

kindergarten teacher

Dear Kindergarten Teacher,

You’ve been on my mind for awhile now, even though we have not met yet. This big day has been looming over my head since I they first placed my baby boy in my arms. Everyone told me that “it goes so fast.” Yeah, yeah, I get it. “Cherish the moments. They grow quickly,” they said. “Don’t blink”, the grandma in the grocery store warned. But here I am. I blinked. My baby is 5, and will soon spend his days in your classroom instead of snuggling his mama. I am heartbreakingly aware that you will now get more of his awake hours than I will.

Please know that sending him to your classroom is so bittersweet for me. I’m losing my sidekick. I’ll miss him so much that I don’t want him to go, but I know it’s time. HE is ready. I’m just not sure I am. But, my baby taught me long ago that I will have to let go when HE is ready, and not when I am. He’s going to love being in your class. I have no doubt he’s going to thrive.

Before I hand my baby over to you, let me tell you a little about my baby. He’s an old soul, and inquisitive beyond his years. He is funny, kindhearted, thoughtful and sensitive. He’s shy in new settings, and hates being put on the spot. It may take him time to warm up, but once he lets you in, he’s so loyal. 

As we prepare him to walk into your room on the first day, I have a few requests…

Allow him to make mistakes, and help him learn from them.

Take pictures to capture those special moments I’ll be missing.

Don’t wait until a problem gets out of hand before contacting me.

Remind him of his manners.

Hug him if he cries.

Protect him from germs, and remind him to wash his hands.

Hold him accountable.

Let him be silly, but teach him the proper time and place for it.

Listen when he says he’s scared.

Encourage him to be kind to everyone he meets.

Allow him to be creative, to problem solve, and to dream big.

Allow him to tell you his stories. They’re good. Really good.

Ask him to be a helper.

Know that what’s on the lesson plan may not always be what the kids need.

Challenge him and encourage him.

Hold him to high expectations, and give him the tools to do his personal best.

Love on him, and make him feel special.

Hug him when he accidentally calls you mama, because I’m probably thinking of him at that moment too.

THANK YOU for all that you do for our babies.


One sappy Mama

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2 Responses to Dear Kindergarten Teacher…

  1. Angelique July 23, 2017 at 11:59 pm #

    What a sweet post! I have one more year before my oldest heads to kindergarten and your post made me realize I need to cherish these last days with him before he’s a “big boy.” Thank you!

  2. Charlotte Howard July 24, 2017 at 11:55 pm #

    This is great. So many teachers should understand that they are the beginnings to your child’s educational career! Thank you for sharing every mother’s thoughts!

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