To My Children’s Teachers…

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To My Children’s Teachers,

With a new school year starting up soon, I just wanted to let you know that I got you.

As an educator myself, I understand the amounts of time it takes to prepare lessons, classrooms and mindsets! However, I am not here to discuss how crazy it is to be a teacher; I am here to let you know that I appreciate every ounce of you. I know that you will spend more time with my little men each day then I will, and I know that some days will be rough. I’ve been home with them for the last 8 weeks and I am ready for them to head back to y’all and on that note, I hope your summer has been amazing.

I know that since June, your brain probably has not logged off from school completely…maybe 90%, but not that full 100%. Test scores were thrown at you towards the end of the year, so now all you can think about is how you can “grow” next year’s kids. How you can re-teach material and skills that just about every kid struggles with, but yet still trying to make sure your students enjoy your class. 

My kids are not ready for school and I know you aren’t either. But I know on Meet The Teacher Night when they see how hard you have worked to get their home away from home set up, they will be. Walking through the halls, slightly anxious, their eyes will brighten once we find their new rooms and see how you have decorated the classroom door (I have always been jealous of elementary teachers and y’all’s creativity!)

Before taking that step in, my kids have no clue who you are and what to expect, but I know that you are just as anxious and excited to meet your new “babies.” Seeing their new seat, with their name neatly printed on cute little card stock makes them anxious to get started. My boys have always been overly excited to see their new seats every year! Once we finally meet y’all, my boys will be ready and I hope y’all are too.

I will be here to support you in every way I can. I don’t stand for nonsense, and they know you won’t either. I will be your biggest cheerleader because you have my babies every day, longer than I do. Hold them accountable and let them know we are on the same team.

Finally, love them. Encourage them. Hug them. This is what I ask of yall when it comes to my boys and this is what I ask them to do for y’all. Being a teacher is a thankless job and sometimes we really just need/want a hug or a word of appreciation. If you have my middle son, you will get hugs constantly!

I know you will get called Mom at least once a day, and I hope you embrace that slip! We are ready for this new school year and ready to have you as part of our daily lives; we are making history and as my children’s teachers, you will forever be in our memories and will forever be part of our stories as my boys grow into men.

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