Pitch the Best Version of Yourself {Meet Anthony Sullivan}

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Anthony Sullivan
Austin is excited to welcome TV host and pitchman Anthony Sullivan! To most of the moms he is known best as the OxiClean guy! From pitching mops on the street as a teenager to being one of the most successful TV producers in the business, Sully is embarking on a new journey this summer with his highly anticipated book, “You Get What You Pitch For.” 
In the book, Sully shares in his secrets to being able to pitch the best version of yourself.  Through vivid stories and colorful characters, Sully entertains with real examples and field-tested pitching techniques for common real-life situations that everyone can relate to. From handling a family, job interviews, prepping for important speeches, getting funding or just finding a significant other, Sully’s proven sales give him an advantage that he is finally sharing!

Anthony Sullivan is making a stop in Austin on Wednesday, August 23rd and you’re invited!

Along with meeting Sully, joining him will be TV host and successful salesman, Hunter Ellis. Known for being a participant on the show Survivor: Marquesas, Ellis has also become the host of several History Channel and other nationally-televised programs. 
The two will be at the South Congress Hotel, Wednesday August 23rd from 5:30-7:30pm for a Meet & Greet. Complimentary drinks, appetizers and FREE products will available to all those that purchase Sully’s book. 
Also to support Austin while he is in town, Sully will be donating a portion of the sales of the book that day to the Austin-based Andy Roddick Foundation.

If you are unable to join the event, but want to support the Andy Roddick Foundation, go to AnthonySullivan.com and purchase your book — be sure to mention “Austin” in your email.

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