Why I Love the Herobed – & You Will Too

There is nothing that feels better than crawling into a comfy bed at the end of a long day caring for and chasing after tiny humans. Am I right? After tackling about 36 hours of “work” into about 18 hours of awake time, I seriously cherish a good night’s sleep.

Introducing the Herobed – y’all it’s a mattress that came in a tiny box, delivered to our ranch gate, and then literally expanded in front of my very eyes. And it’s AWESOME! 

We spend quite a bit of time at our family ranch tucked away on the Medina River – it’s a place that’s been in our family for 5 generations! When there’s so much history and many years in the same home, there is also old stuff. Now there isn’t a date on the mattress that my husband and I sleep on, but if I had to guess it’s from before I was born. It’s super clean and definitely doesn’t look like a 40+ year old mattress, but at the end of the day, the springs don’t lie. And we can feel every single spring when we lay down on it. We never have a good night’s sleep and while we love getting away and spending time at the ranch, we are always a little cranky by the end of it. It all definitely stems from our lack of sleep!

When I learned about Herobed, I knew this would be the perfect fit for the ranch house! Standard Delivery can be difficult since the closest town is about 30 minutes away. Since the Herobed is delivered in a box about the size of a mini fridge, the process of receiving a King sized mattress directly to the ranch couldn’t have been easier. 

So without further-ado, here are the 4 reasons why I’m ridiculously obsessed with my new Herobed – and why you’ll be too! 



  1. Comfort – Guys, this is hands down my #1 reason! I didn’t know what to expect in terms of comfort and I knew anything I purchased for the ranch would be up against my mattress at home {I won’t name names, but let’s just say it’s a very popular high-end memory foam mattress}, which I love love love. And you know what? I love the Herobed even more!!! The Herobed is a hybrid mattress so it’s incredibly soft, lush, and you just kind of sink into it. I had THE best night sleep that I’ve ever had at the ranch! 
  2. Comfort x2 … Seriously – Herobed was created by mattress veterans, as a hybrid mattress because they believe it’s simply a better way to make a bed. With over 3,000 micro coils and cooling memory foam, the Quinn brothers designed Herobed with one goal in mind; to provide the best possible sleep. Some say this mattress is more firm, but I felt the complete opposite! It seems so much softer than what I’m use to and I LOVED it!
  3. Setup – Another aspect of this mattress that I wasn’t sure what to expect was the setup. I mean it’s a King sized mattress in a little box. I didn’t know what it was going to do! You’ll have to check out the little video of my dad and I getting it all setup. As soon as I got it out of the box and starting taking the wrapping off, it immediately started expanding into a King bed… it was the highlight of my day watching this thing grow before my very eyes! 
  4. Convenience – Herobed is so confident that you will love your sleep just as much as me so they include a 100 nights sleep guarantee on their product! All you have to do is order it, have it delivered, set it up, sleep on it, and if you’re not convinced … get your money back! 

:: Let the kiddos color the box artwork with the crayons Herobed provided or enjoy the simple cape to play with! :: 

I can’t say enough amazing things about the Herobed. I was truly shocked that a mattress that came in this tiny {in comparison} box could truly be worth the investment let alone actually be comfortable. I’ve chatted with so many friends about my new mattress and they can attest, I’m obsessed! 

We’d love for you to be able to share in the glory of this awesome mattress too and we are so excited to offer a $100 discount!

OFFER: You will get $100 dollars off any size
WHERE: https://herobed.com/shop/
DETAILS: Once you choose your mattress and add it to your cart you can choose to “View Cart” and there is a “Coupon Code” box. That’s where you will put in CMBN100 and receive the discount. 

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