Podcasts: Could This Be The New “Me” Time?


For as long as I can remember I’ve been gazing out the window of a moving car looking into the homes I’m driving by, wondering what it would be like to live in that, exact, home. This was especially interesting on long road trips growing up. As the landscape and state names changed, so did the houses. From farms and cattle ranches to RV parks and trailer parks, I would watch the homes and neighborhoods change and wonder, what was life like, at that moment in time, in their world.

I can only assume that this is why I love podcasts so much. I know, I know, it seems like a bit of a stretch but bear with me. Podcasts give me that tiny glimpse into other people’s lives that I’ve always loved. The word tiny is key because as a part-time working Mom of 2, my leisure time is at a premium these days, or let’s be honest, non-existent.

I remember first hearing about podcasts from a mommy friend a few years back. I had been lamenting about how much I loathed going to the grocery store when she replied;

“Oh really, oh I just love grocery shopping. I do it after the kids go down, when it’s dark and almost empty and I listen to podcasts. It’s heaven.”

I thought that was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard. At the time, the best I could muster after my kids were asleep perhaps a daily shower or more likely just a glass of wine. I certainly didn’t have time to listen to whatever a “podcast” was. But let me tell you guys, I was missing out.

Hating to be out of the loop on the latest “thang” I asked that friend send me a list of her favorite podcasts and I started there. She sent me lots of great ones about parenting and being a Mom. Also some funny ones about married life and even interesting ones about growing in your spirituality etc. I decided to try it. I took the easy way out. I just went to iTunes and literally subscribed to every single Podcast she had recommended. Some I ended up loving and still subscribe to today, others didn’t resonate so much, or lost their luster after a certain time so I searched for new ones.

For me, it really clicked and I started loving it when I realized how many different genres you can subscribe to. If you looked at the podcasts that I’m subscribed to you might laugh or think I’m a bit crazy. The subjects are all over the place. I love mystery series podcasts. I love the ones on crafting and children’s’ discipline. I listen to podcasts about US history and how to be better at Business. I inhale story podcasts that give me that glimpse into other peoples’ lives that I’ve always longed for. And to top it all off, after I read books at night to my kids, I play a Sleep Story podcast. Honestly almost every single night. They love them so much it’s a daily request.


I sneak podcasts into random times, like when I’m taking a shower, or when the kids are watching Umizoomi. I drive a lot for work and carpool so I’m always listening to a podcast while I’m on the road. These days when you see me driving down the street I’m no longer singing along to my favorite pop tunes, I’m listening to a podcast about just about anything.

It’s my little escape into someone else’s life for just a minute. For some reason, after I listen to a podcast, even just a few minutes I feel like myself again. And bonus, I have interesting things I chat with my husband about at night other than, who hit whom and, who napped (or more likely didn’t nap) that day. Win Win!

So here is my current list of podcasts I subscribe to. No matter what type of mood I’m in that particular day, there is something there that is sure to peak my interest. These podcasts can be found on iTunes or other podcast services. Links to the websites are embedded below.  So try it! Even if you have just a few minutes. It might honestly become your new ‘me’ time. At least until we can figure out how to get me time that lasts a bit longer than a podcast episode, but that’s a blog for another time.

Enjoy Mommas!!!

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Kids : Great to listen to during road trips


Adult (scary or inappropriate for kids but still fascinating):

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