Is There Such a Thing as Mom Time With Littles?

mom time

Where does the time go? Not only are my kids born and two seconds later they are suddenly doing the baby drunk walk, but then my oldest is at pre-school. They say “the days are long, but the years are short.” Which is true. My days whizz by with no mom time. Sure, they are filled with one chaotic mess, beautiful moment, horrific tantrum, precious word after another, but they move so fast. I can hardly keep myself together.

For example, I have been trying so hard to get into a workout routine. So here I go…I put on my sports bra, my attempted cute workout top, get my water with lime essential oil in it, look up an at-home workout on Pinterest, get some music going from Pandora, put peppermint essential oil on my wrist to give me some energy and I’m all ready to go. Then bam…I have to pee. Okay, I go pee and then I’m ready. I look over and my potty training 3-year-old has pooped in her panties. Okay, third time is a charm…I even get half a push up in… now the baby wakes from her nap. I mean come on! Is this a sign that in this season of life I’m just not ready for a workout?

Or another example…my glorified me time is at night. Our family gets upstairs, we watch an episode of Sid the Science Kid, I nurse my little one, we go brush our teeth, we go read books, we say prayers, kiss big H and say night night, then I rock little H and put her down. I finally go to sit down and I forget my water. I go downstairs and fill up my water. Back upstairs I go, I sit down. I forgot my book. I go get my book. I settle in, snuggle down into my cozy duvet. And I have to pee again. I pee, and sit back in bed. I look over at the clock and it’s 10 PM. For the LOVE!

I think a glaring sign is to… resign…Yes, resign and surrender to the chaos. Let the worry fly out the window and just breathe in the day. Yes, maybe that includes doing squats while you hold your baby. Or calf raises as you cook dinner, or planks after a diaper change. Small changes will lead to bigger changes and by then the kids grow up and workouts are easier to fit in. Right?

Or maybe our time is needed elsewhere, if we are trying so hard to cram a workout in or reading in…something’s gotta give. A) My kids need more of my focus and I need to be grateful for {my children…no matter how many times I want to pull my ears off and tuck them into my bedside drawer} any workout I can get in. Or maybe I need more sleep, so I should set my book aside for a day when my life doesn’t seem so full.

In any case, time refuses to stop. No matter how many mamas out there post #slowdowntime or #pleasetimestop that little stinker refuses to comply. So, we have to pull up our mom pants, grab a few tissues and find joy in our day. No matter how crammed, chaotic, or frantic it may be. Tomorrow will be another day, and surely our kiddos will wrench our hearts just a smidge more before naptime.

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