Dear Middle Child: You Are the Best

middle child

Dear Middle Child, 

I know that sometimes it may seem like everyone forgets you. I grew up the oldest of three and my own middle sister claims to have been slighted as a child, even to this day!

But, I promise you middle child, this is not the case. If anything your father and I are trying our best to make sure you never feel neglected or somehow left behind. 

Ok, so you may not have had an official baby shower or even an official first birthday celebration. You missed out on a fancy nursery with color-coordinated bedding. Your backpack may also be a hand-me-down. 

Yet, your childhood has been filled with just as many memories and experiences as your old brother. This is more important than “things” dear middle child. 

It may take you a bit you realize it, but sometimes life is not fair. You don’t get everything that those around you get… and that’s ok. You never complain about it, or at least you haven’t yet. 

You’ve moved into the official role of Middle Child as we welcomed a new baby into our family.  It’s a new title, one that we think will fit you well. 

As a middle child you’ll get the unique perspective on life not available to many. You will see both sides of situations. As you grow up, this will be a much appreciated feature of your character. I hope you never feel as if being in the middle is the worst, because really my dear middle child, you are in fact the best.

You are the best 

…at making everyone laugh.
…at diverting attention in the toughest situations.
…because you keep us on our toes.
…when you do something exactly like your older brother… and even better when your new younger sibling picks up on it too!
…at reminding me to savor the little things.
…because you wear hand-me-downs so well.
…at singing. Honestly your older sibling can not keep a tune. Your Aunt, who is also a middle child, can sing quite well too!
…at listening and really paying attention to what people say.
…because you learn how to do things only after watching a few times. You soak up knowledge like a sponge.
…at forgiving, you never hold a grudge.
…at acting dramatic and overly dramatic.
…because you shake things off that would normally feel like the-end-of-the-world to your older brother.
…at being you, Middle Child. There’s no one else quite like you and there never will be. 
My dear Middle Child, you have a whole life ahead of you so wear your MC badge proudly. Embrace the characteristics and qualities that come with your birth rank.
There is only one you and we wouldn’t have it any other way. My sweet Middle Child you are simply the best!

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