5 Reasons Why We <3 Remedy & You Will Too!

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Have you ever watched an old movie where a doctor makes a house call? I assume based on those movies that, back in the old days, that’s how it was. You’re basically lying in bed with the flu or some other crazy scary illness that will most likely kill you and the doctor shows up with his little black bag and stethoscope and either heals you, or tells you you’re going to die. Thank goodness for modern medicine and for Remedy Urgent Care

Friends, the doctor who shows up at your door with the little black bag is BACK & I LOVE THEM!

We are in a season of life where we are so busy! Whether you’re a new mama of one or a veteran mom of five, there’s always a long list of tasks to accomplish on the daily.

If there’s one thing I’m thankful for in life, it’s all the amazing brands out there that recognize parents are overworked and under-appreciated, doing their part to make our lives just a little bit easier. From groceries at my doorstep, to mobile dog grooming in the front yard, just about everyone “gets” the parent market… and I’ve got all the HEART EYES for those businesses. I’ve got to tell you though, I’ve never been more excited than I am about Remedy! And while I’d like to believe that we are the healthiest bunch, we just aren’t. Sometimes it’s mama, but more often than not I’ve got a sick kiddo – and it always happens to fall on a day when I just can’t bring myself to leave the house. So… I don’t 🙂

I’ve absolutely fallen in love with Remedy and here are 5 reasons why you will too! 

  1. Convenience – Guys, THEY COME TO YOUR HOME! Need I say more? Seriously though, it’s been incredible to have the convenience of a board certified doctor coming straight to me instead of me either lugging 3 kids around exposing them to more germs or having to peel myself off my death bed to look presentable to be seen in public.
  2. Pediatrics – All the services of your pediatrician’s office in the comfort and convenience of your own home! It was a Saturday morning and my husband noticed our daughter was tugging at her ear. He had a million things to do that day and I was at home with all 3 kids. I went online and scheduled a doctor, continued cleaning the house and getting organized, and then voila! We had a doctor at our front door to check out her ears. And yes, we had an ear infection. 
  3. Cost – Remedy costs about the same as an urgent care clinic and considerably less than the ER. Remedy has been such a lifesaver that I “think” we would pay more just for the convenience factor, BUT we don’t have to! They accept most insurance and the cost ends up being the same! Well so far it’s actually been cheaper since we save on gas {wink wink}. 
  4. Ease – The first time I used Remedy I felt like legitimate death. It was the day before I was scheduled for a major surgery and I came down with a high fever. I remember going online super early in the morning and scheduling a doctor to come to our house first thing. I didn’t have to wait until the doctor’s office opened. I didn’t have to head to an urgent care, wait in a line, and then be sent to an uncomfortable room feeling like death. Instead, I laid in my plush comfy bed and waited for the doorbell to ring, headed to my couch where they tested me for strep and flu, and then received my results almost immediately. For being sick, it was awesome.
  5. Customer Service – Again, Remedy has been to our house several times and we’ve seen a few different doctors. They have all been so incredibly knowledgeable. Plus I love their followup! They’ve always called the next day to see how our family is doing and feeling. 

You can schedule your visit by phone or online {our favorite}, rest while a medical team comes to your home or office, and get treated by a licensed provider! It’s a win/win! 


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