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michelle reyes

Hey there! My name is Michelle Reyes. I’m an East Indian gal, transplanted from Minnesota, living in Texas and married to my handsome Latino husband. We have a little “Indo-Mex” toddler, who keeps us on our toes and loves eating all-things-spicy.

I love talking and writing about all different facets of family, faith and diversity. We live in such a multicultural, globalized society today that it’s only natural for us as mommas to be asking questions like: “How do I talk to my child about race?”, “How can I help my child be more culturally-sensitive, value diversity and embrace others?”, “What sorts of books should he or she be reading?”, and “How do I raise my child to stand up against racism, bigotry, social injustices and more?” Those are just a few of the topics that I love talking with people about, and I’ve written about them too in places like Christianity Today and Flourish.

I’m also a German professor at Southwestern University and a pastor’s wife. Now, I know those two titles don’t go hand-in-hand that often, but they are two very real facets of me, and I love being both. I love teaching all-things German language and literature, although my favorite thing to talk about is fairy tales. I’m currently teaching a feminist fairy tales course where we compare classic Brothers Grimm tales to Disney films among other things.

I’m passionate about women in general cultivating a critical mind, and this also crosses over in my roles as pastor’s wife. My husband and I created a blog called “The Art of Taleh” for this very purpose. But to take a step back, the real reason why my husband and I moved down to Austin back in 2014 was to plant an urban, multicultural church in (East) Austin – a church that today is now called Church of the Violet Crown. We serve low-income ethnic communities and part of what I want to do at Austin Moms Blog is to share these women’s stories, to give voice to minority women, and to see motherhood through their culturally-different perspectives.

Life can certainly be crazy at times, but most days I just love spending time with my family, whether its watching football (Go Vikings!), going on bike rides, planting new flowers in our garden or reading books together. My true delight is these slow-paced days and the delight of the small things.

Want to get in touch? I’d love to hear more stories of family and diversity, and find ways to incorporate them into my blog posts. I’m on Facebook and Twitter, and email is great too: [email protected]!

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