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We often think saving is hard. But the truth is, most of us have been saving for years. Look around at the stuff that you treasure in your home. Maybe there’s a box of old love letters from your great grandparents. The toy robot you played with 40 years ago. Perhaps an elaborate sculpture you made in middle school—even though it’s broken. We hang onto these things because they have meaning.

Since I can remember my mother has always saved every craft, pom pom, megaphone, mum, love note, journal, baby sock, blanket, mobile, stuffed animal, doll, and the list goes on and on and on. Every single item that reminds my mother of my childhood has been preserved in cedar chests, armoires, and sealed up boxes. 

Despite the fact I’ve been telling her for years to throw it all away, she’s held on to some truly special items and I love love love her and her baby years hoarding self for it! 

I’ve never been super nostalgic about tangible items, but when our family found out we were expecting a third baby and a girl on top of that, my mom started pulling out all of my old baby clothes. Most had stains, had yellowed with time, or were just not with the times in terms of fashion; however, a few things she held onto for 35 years were in pristine condition and nothing a good dry cleaning couldn’t fix. Some of the outfits that my mom saved {and that I was excited about} were my coming home from the hospital dress, my christening gown, baby shoes, and a couple of other odds and ins outfits. I didn’t think they’d mean that much to me, but as I got Larkin dressed on the day we came home from the hospital in a gown that was 35 years old and that I knew my mom had once buttoned me up in at the hospital, I got a little emotional. These outfits, while just clothes at the end of the day, represent motherhood and what it means to me. 

Some of my mom’s “stuff-saving” ways are already starting to rub off on me as my sons bring home crafts and Larkin outgrows those precious monogrammed outfits. We already have tons of boxes in the attic that I don’t want to see, but that I also can’t get rid of. 

And while saving “stuff” is certainly a priority, now that we have 3 children, 3 future cars to pay for, 3 college tuitions, 3 mouths to feed, etc. we have shifted our focus in saving for our family. 

Now we want to take those stuff-saving habits, and turn them into money-saving habits. Capital One is honoring the need to save – and our innate emotional drive to do so – by dedicating an entire day to it: National Savings Day. What are they doing? They’re holding a contest! And yeah…you’ll have the chance to win a $10,000 TEN THOUSAND DOLLAR prize.

For the contest, you can enter in the following way:

  • Online: the entrants must upload a photo of something they has saved that is meaningful (a photo of it) and add a short description or story about why the object in the Photo is meaningful, after which he/she will receive one (1) entry into the Contest. Note: an entrant may upload a Photo from his/her device or by linking to his/her Facebook account. They can visit here ( to enter
  • Twitter/Instagram: log in to his/her Twitter/Instagram account and post a Tweet/Instagram post that includes a Photo, a short description or story about why the object in the Photo is meaningful, and the hashtags “#sharemysave” and “#contest,” after which he/she will receive one (1) entry into the Contest.
  • See official rules here:

    What do you WIN????

  • Grand Prizes : The grand prize is $10,000 and there will be FIVE WINNERS!
  • Weekly Prizes : The weekly prize is $500 and there will be FIFTY WINNERS! 

The same emotions that arise when saving a nostalgic item can be tapped to save for the future (i.e. your nostalgic item can help you think about how you save and what you’re saving for – thus helping you save!).

Check out these precious chunky thighs & tiny toes in one of mama’s many vintage outfits! 

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