My Favorite Quick DIY Halloween Craft

Halloween craft

The holiday season starts with Halloween y’all! My kids and I have had such fun over the years decorating and doing crafts for the holidays. You can make super cute crafts for any holiday season with just paper and a few paints. My favorite one, good for any holiday, is called “Hands & Feet” — I personally love to see how their little hands and feet grow each year as we make new ones.

So here are the nitty gritty details for one of our favorite Halloween crafts:

“Ghost Feet”

Things you need:

  • Feet
  • Googly eyes or markers
  • White Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Black Construction paper.

Step 1. Take black construction paper down to patio or floor. (We usually always do ours outside on the concrete patio)

Step 2: Paint underside of one cute little foot. Sometimes I paint toes and other times not. I tend to like the ones with the toes too but my daughter thinks they look less like ghosts that way.

Step 3:  Have your little person stand on the painted little foot on the black construction paper. The weight of standing on the paper really helps those little feet stay in place.

Step 4: Repeat with other foot. Let dry

Step 5:   Add Googly eyes or use black marker to make eyes and write “Boo” in white paint at the top! Voila! A fun craft and a super memento little feet.

There are lots more easy craft idea to do with sweet hands and feet. There are ideas online for all holiday seasons. Here are some of my favorites:

Hand print crafts

Reindeer footprints

All Holidays

DIY craft



Happy crafting!

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