We Don’t Go Out Much

don't go out much

My childhood was storybooks, music, and daydreaming. Growing up in a big family, it was quite the ado to get us all moving to the same place. Instead, I spend time alone with my imagination. I didn’t mind. I’m an introvert to the core, someone that’s fascinated by the world but needs more time away from it than with it. Yet as a child, I longed for the day when I’d fall in love and escape my small town for the big, exciting life of my daydreams.

Many moons later, after falling in love with an extrovert, I lived my daydreams. Storybooks became traveling the world and music was felt in person. We even moved to a big city. It all fed my soul, right? After all, I was after that big, exciting life and here it was. Alas, my nature caught up with me and I found myself longing for simply storybooks, music, and daydreaming. (Maybe, some Netflix too.) Just as I set my sights on a smaller, steadier life, I found out, Henley was on the way.

Being Henley’s mom is hands down the best piece of my life but the idea of storytime, music class, and play dates gives me anxiety. Small talk with other parents, well, it’s not my jam. It keeps me from being in it with her. So while I don’t hide her away from the world, she attends daycare and music class + loves a good errand, we don’t go out much. But, I don’t think we need to! 

Her imagination is big enough for the both of us. Right now, she’s two. Each day holds a new discovery and word to be learned. The simplicity of letting a grass blade plucked from our yard tickle her hand and slip between her fingers makes her giddy. When she tears it at the seam she’s full of wonder and pride.

Through her eyes, my life is big, exciting. Her curious spirit reminds me that adventure is right outside our door. She’s not as keen on curling up with a storybook (for now) but she takes my hand and pulls me into her daydreams. Our weekends are dress-up, singing + dancing in our tiny galley kitchen, and painting our hardwood floors with color. Our nights are hunting for airplanes in the night sky, talking to the stars, and saying goodnight to the moon. We might be at home but we’re in it.

Like my childhood, we don’t go out much. But somehow my world is bigger, more exciting than my daydreams. It’s nothing like I imagined it would be, it’s magic.

How do you create magic with your little ones?



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