Return Of The Elf

elf on a shelf

Tis’ the season of Chip.  He’s our family’s Elf and he does anything but stay on a shelf.  It’s nice to have him around so that I can mention, ‘Chip is watching…’ in any unfavorable situation, and somehow smiles and proper behavior roll-out instantaneously.  And although I rather enjoy Chip when he’s here visiting (mainly because I use him to keep my children from being complete hellions), he also causes me a great deal of anxiety. For 25 nights I have to come up with new and creative places for Chip. And when it’s the end of the day on December 20th, I’m really not up for Pinteresting or sewing or well, anything other than sipping on my wine.  So here is a list of easy-ish solutions for your anxiety this Elfy season.  Happy manipulating!

  1. (Re)Introduce your elf  to the family with a sweet and simple note (and in an easy to find spot)
  2. In the pantry drinking syrup from a straw
  3. Wrap several toys in brown paper bags and make it look like a potato race is happening
  4. Wrapped in a washcloth + ‘steaming’ in the shower
  5. Zipping across the living room on fishing string, holding on to a candy cane
  6. Being held hostage + taped to a wall (if you have army men, this is a good time to use them)
  7. In the butter pocket of the fridge, resting on a felt pillow + wrapped in a blanket of felt 
  8. Sitting on the couch with the remote and a cup of popcorn
  9. Laying on the copier with a picture of his copied image printed out
  10. Doing some laundry.  Make a mini clothes line and hang some barbie clothes out to dry
  11. Wrapped up in holiday lights on the tree
  12. Write out a message in toothpaste and frame the elf as the message-writing culprit
  13. Sitting with a pair of scissors and some cut-out snowflakes
  14. Sitting on the mantle with a new book *early present from Santa*
  15. Sitting on the lid of the toilet seat with some chocolate chips representing an accident
  16. Coloring in a coloring book, holding a crayon
  17. Making a snow angel on the countertop/under the Christmas tree using flour for the snow
  18. Kneeling on a plastic lid, sledding down the front handrail
  19. Use a dry erase marker to draw on a family photo, framing the elf by leaving a marker in hand
  20. Playing boardgames with a fellow stuffed friend
  21. Diving head-first into a giant bag of candy
  22. Make a swing from twine + a toilet paper roll–works well tucked into a recessed lighting canister
  23. Set your elf on a pile of stuffed animals with a note suggesting to drop them at a local toy drive
  24. Fireside, roasting some mini marshmallows on a toothpick
  25. In the kid’s sink fishing for goldfish crackers (perhaps attach one to a mini fishing pole)
  26. Packed in a toy car with all it’s belongings, ready to return to the North Pole

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