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christmas menu

My mom and I love creating menus, for pretty much every holiday, especially Thanksgiving and Christmas. Since, I am a mom of young girls, it is essential that my menus remain simple, yet delicious. I want my spread to resemble a fancy Christmas menu offering, but be easy to make. Motherhood is hard enough right now to manage, especially when the kids are all out of school…so a menu needs to be doable.

First off drinks… I love to create a menu including all of the above. For kids, you can take a simple sparkling apple water (La Croix offers a sparkling apple berry water), add a few frozen berries and you’re good to go, or mix with some apple cider for a fun drink for Christmas. This also is a great offering for anyone itching for a decent mocktail. For ones digging that extra punch, you can use this base and add in vodka or try one of our family favs: mulled wine

Then on to the appetizers… we love creating cheese boards. Here are a few of our favorite, easy appetizers to please a crowd.

Baked Brie- this appetizer is so easy…you can pair up the brie with any favorite nuts, dried fruit or spices to take your appetizer to another level. You can wrap puffed pastry around the brie to add even more buttery deliciousness, and then after it is baked and gooey serve with warm bread or crackers. 

Holiday Roll-Ups – these are festive, easy and yummy to boot! 

Easy to do cheese board: This looks beautiful and has a nice variation for every palate surrounding your table. 

Main Course: Many people love a turkey at each holiday dinner, if that is you here is the world’s simplest turkey recipe. No need for “How to Bake a Turkey for Dummies” book here, just follow the instructions and voila you’ll be filling your home with an aroma your neighbors will stop by for. 

If you want something different than a turkey for Christmas, try this adorable and delicious recipe for ham. Fun and different, but not lacking on the flavor! 

Sides: String Beans with Shallots: This recipe takes 15 minutes and you are left with a healthy, scrumptious, green side dish that brings color to your table. Everyone, even the kids should dig this side dish.

Butternut Squash Mac ‘n Cheese: If you’ve been on Pinterest then you’ve seen all the moms desperately trying to incorporate veggies into their kids’ diets. What do 90% of kids eat everyday…mac ‘n cheese, so what better place to hide veggies than embedded in the melty, velvety sauce that goes with mac n cheese?! #brilliant This recipe does just that, but makes it so delicious you crave if for any holiday menu. Easy, healthy and delicious. 

Individual Apple Stuffin Muffins- These are a perfect way to serve stuffing, easy, delicious and individualized, which to me means: less wasted food. #win 

Desserts: French Apple Tart- this is a really easy version of an apple pie, a little more rustic and the flavor is truly pronounced with the sweet and tartness of the apples.

Alton Brown drummed up this delicious and pretty dessert great for any holiday party. A little bit of chocolate, and a little bit of coconut… kind of like Christmas at the beach! 

Anne Burrell bakes up these fancy, yet super easy cookies that are perfect for Christmastime. They are staples in any Italian bakery, with the festive aroma in the air of your kitchen you can close your eyes and imagine a Christmas in Sicily might be like. #2020goals 

I hope this menu leaves all of you all excited to cook this Christmas season! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noel! Buon Natale! Bon Appetit!

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