The Best Sangria in Austin


For all of us trivia lovers, sangria (most commonly a red wine punch) comes from Spain, but was first introduced to the United States in 1964 during the World’s Fair in New York.  While sangria is a refreshing drink in the summer, it’s a fun and festive cocktail in the winter. Bring on the festive!

After polling my friends  about their recommendations for the best sangria in Austin, and a little bit of personal research, a few friends and I braved the streets of Austin to taste a few top picks. All of this is in honor of today — National Sangria Day.

So grab your girlfriends (and a ride) or plan a special date night and try a few (or all!) of these fabulous sangria in Austin offerings. Olé!

  • Jack Allen’s Kitchen (Jack’s Famous Pomegranate Sangria, $4 brunch special)
  • El Alma Cafe y Cantina (Jacked Sangria)
  • Maiko’s (Sake-sangria)
  • Gloria’s Latin Cuisine
  • NoRTH
  • Takoba (Sangria blanca)
  • El Dorado
  • Tiny Boxwoods

After sampling a few (or all!) of these sangrias, you’ll know what you prefer in your sangria. Experiment and make your own! There are really no rules. Start with a recipe and find what you like. I lived in Madrid for a year in college and watched my Spanish “mom” make sangria for a party (an absolute staple). Here’s the authentic Spanish recipe she used:

  • Equal parts red wine (a Rioja is good, but the cheaper the better) and Sprite (or similar)
  • Splash (or more) of brandy or your favorite liquor
  • In season fruits (diced), and apples, oranges, lemons (sliced)
  • Sugar (more than you think you’ll want) and cinnamon (to taste)
  • Marinate at least a few hours before serving

If all goes well, you can invest in a traditional sangria pitcher (it has a pinched lip so that the fruit doesn’t plop into your glass and make a splash).

As Blake Shelton sings, here’s to your lips tasting like sangria! If an American country music artist is singing about this drink, I’d say it’s gone pretty mainstream.

Enjoy #NationalSangriaDay and hey, it counts as fruit salad.

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  1. Crystal Martinez January 3, 2018 at 8:50 am #

    I love me some sangria! I have tried sangria’s all over Austin and have to say that my favorite lives at Abuelo’s (try it and see). 🙂

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