A Blessing for You on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

First it is the stretching 
You feel it in your bones
Breath after breath 
you make room for life 

You are more than a conduit —
you are celestial alchemy, 
written and designed for this moment.

You expand 
until you are the ocean. 

May you feel your depth and majesty 

You carry life inside of you 
burning and shifting and groaning
until the waves come 
and push you to the limit. 

May your new shape hold no boundaries 

You are a creator — a breath of the divine 
You close your eyes, moons against space, 
you write entire universes into existence.

You breathe 
You breathe 
You breathe 

(don’t forget to breathe)

Waves crash over you
and around you
and inside of you
and life pulses through every vein 

You are woman.

People will stop and throw secrets into your embrace. 

You are magic. 

May you walk in that promise today and every day.


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