Dream Big(ger) Mamas

When the “Dream Big Princess” marketing campaign launched from Disney, I thought it was brilliant. It captured my young daughter and my attention instantly. It made me CRY. I mean… well done Disney marketing team {applause}.

When watching that commercial I had this pull to help my two, young daughters achieve ANYTHING their hearts desired. It had me hoping they would have a great passion for something one day and would be all in. I knew much of that was going to lay on my shoulders, as I helped them navigate the waters of childhood. Right now, we are in the pre-school phase… so my aim is to embrace them and nurture their confidence and security. I am excited for the next phases as they mature and to learn what starts to naturally ignite their inner fire.

This commercial also got me thinking… why should we mamas stop dreaming?? I don’t know about other mamas, but what I set out to do at 22 is not what where I am 11 years later. In the ebb and flow of life our goals, desires, and even our passions change. With motherhood sometimes we have the tendency to suppress our dreams, but what does this teach our children that we are raising? I do believe sacrifice is important in parenthood, but I also believe it is imperative that our children see us working hard toward something we believe in. Our hard work ethic, dedication, and ability to multi-task will be seen by our children and they will learn they can (and should) do these things as they grow up.

We lead by example…and if we want our children to dream big, then we should dream bigger.

What are your goals? What are your dreams? What are you aiming for in this life?


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