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Sayonara, Summer Slide! | IDEA Public Schools

We know that summer slide all too well, but it can be avoided. Keeping your child’s mind sharp and active during the summer months will help them to build and prepare for a positive school year and opportunities to excel in their educational careers.

Engage your readers

Reading is at the forefront of pushing aside the summer slide.

At IDEA, as we shared previously, nearly 4,000 IDEA Public School students from our 61 campuses for the 2017-18 school year were crowned Royal Readers and celebrated for their commitment to literacy and reading success.

In the Royal Reader program, we emphasize reading, not only during English & Language Arts class and in the Accelerated Reader Zone, but also while waiting in the lunch line, riding home on the bus, before bed, when classwork is finished early and in the summer. Therefore, it’s important to encourage your children to find times when they can read and practice cognitive comprehension, as well. Talk with them about the books they are reading, and ask questions so that they can respond with their confirmed understanding.

Sharpen math skills

During the summer, you also want to keep your child’s math skills sharp! There are resources you can use online. For IDEA students, we also provide summer software programs where students can practice their math, equations, and arithmetic development. In order to prevent all math knowledge from going to the wayside, find fun ways that you can work through math problems with your kids. You can do it with cooking and recipes, on road trips, or while passing time in a waiting room. Keep them engaged and thinking about math in different ways.

Some specific tips to avoid the summer slide include:

  • Choosing the right books. Series books are a great choice for those who struggle with reading or keeping interest in reading.
  • Encouraging new interests. Encourage your child to explore interesting topics they want to read. They should have the option to dig into different genres and formats— fiction, non-fiction, e-books, magazines, or whatever gets them going.
  •  Going to the library. There are endless book options and special summer program, and it’s free! Check out audiobooks for road trips.
  • Hosting family competitions or game nights integrating reading or math skills. Scrabble and other spelling and reading-style games are a great way to get the kids engaged. There are also a variety of online math resources that you can maneuver into family game nights of your own.
  • Hitting the road. Reading books while on a road trip provides for a perfect platform and place to read. You can integrate math, as well. While on vacation, task the kids with calculating distance traveled, average mileage per hour, and varying speeds of the car or plane.

Whatever you do, make it fun and engaging for the children, so they know that learning over the summer is a positive choice.

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