I Tried The Diva Cup And Here Is My Review

I Tried The Diva Cup And Here Is My Review 

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about lots about alternative feminine products these days.

A friend of mine has been raving about her Diva cup and she often tells me that she will never go back to using tampons. For me, I’ve had nothing but love for tampons.

Ever since my teenage-self discovered I didn’t have to wear bulky diaper-like pads, I was hooked! But lately I’ve been questioning the way tampons are made—many are chlorine bleached and may contain pesticides and other chemicals. I’m also concerned about the impact they have on the environment. I decided to give the Diva cup a try and purchased one at Walgreens for about $35. Here is a little breakdown of my experience:

First, let me save you some time and let you know that A) If you are over 30 years old or B) you’ve had any children (vaginally or cesarean) you need a size 2 cup. I meet both these criteria yet I bought a Size 1 naively believing that my vagina is still in pristine pre-baby condition. 

Secondly, read ALL the directions and watch this YouTube video .

There are specific folding techniques and you’ll have to rotate the cup once it’s inside.

It’s a little trickier than the video makes it out to be.

Finally, and most importantly, do NOT panic if you put the Diva cup too far up your hootie-hoo as I did. With a little bit of relaxation and some yoga/birthing moves in the shower it will come out. There’s also a hotline you can all if you have any concerns.

As my before-mentioned friend has told me, there is a bit of a learning curve when using the cup. Once properly inserted, the cup is so comfortable you’ll almost forget it’s there (just don’t forget it’s there). The company states that it can be worn up to 12 hours at a time. I used mine successfully on the second day of my period and I emptied it twice.  I admittedly do not have that heavy of a flow. Another friend told me she had to empty hers every few hours and sometimes had leaks.

Pros:                                                                                                  Cons:

Very comfortable once inserted properly Not convenient when travelling or in public restrooms
Environmentally friendly Takes time to insert and get a proper “seal”
Cost effective in the long term Needs to be washed every time before insertion
Can be worn for long periods of time (up to 12 hours) Not for women uncomfortable with a very

hands- on insertion and removal process


Overall, I felt that the Diva cup could be a great option for someone who is looking for a more natural and environmentally friendly option for their period.

For me, I’m not sure it’s the right fit (no pun intended). I’m on the go a lot and I just can’t imagine doing the whole emptying and cleaning process in a public bathroom. Plus, I’m not super squeamish when it comes to my body, but you gotta get real up close and personal with your lady parts every time you insert and take it out. At times it was a little exhausting to figure out if it was in right or if I was ever going to get the dang thing out. If you’re looking for an alternative to pads and tampons, go ahead and give the Diva cup a try. At the very least you’ll become more familiar with your female anatomy 😉

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