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What Is Natural Flavor?

What Is Natural Flavor? If you’re anything like me, you read labels.  I read labels on everything.  My husband and I have completed a few rounds of the Whole 30 challenge, and one of the biggest things we learned was to read ingredients.  Reading just the Nutrition “Facts” is not enough because those can be […]

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AMB-Easy Healthy Frozen Treats

Easy, Healthy & Frozen Treats

Easy, Healthy & Frozen Treats Beat the Dog Days of Summer (and… Texas Fall) with these yummy, cold treats. Summer may be winding down, but here in Austin we know the weather is going to keep on steaming right into Autumn.  Love it or hate it, we’ve got to find a way to beat it.  I […]

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I Am That Non-Toxic Mom.

I Am That “Non-Toxic” Mom.  You probably have a friend like me, or maybe you, yourself, are similar.  I’m not over-the-top obsessive about it, but if I’m going to spend money on something, I would much prefer that it does not contain sketchy ingredients that could be harmful to our health.  Unfortunately, there are so many products on the […]

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Family Friendly Food In The ‘Burbs

Family Friendly Food In The ‘Burbs Round Rock Restaurants Perfect for Kids I’ll be honest and admit that my kids are not great in restaurants.  Eating out for us can be really stressful (and potentially embarrassing) if the restaurant isn’t super kid friendly.  In a nutshell, my kids are just LOUD.  They’re funny and nice […]

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AMB-It’s SUMMER! Time to get Messy and Chaotic.

It’s SUMMER! Time to get Messy and Chaotic

Welcome, summer!  We’ve made it! Whether you’re a teacher or not (and especially if you are), it’s time to take one big giant EXHALE. Go ahead and do that now… Bedtimes are later, schedules are thrown out the window, and everything just exudes good old fashion FUN. If you are a working mom or stay at home, […]

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what ifs

The What Ifs

The WhatIf Monster I recently bought my son a book called Jonathan James and the WhatIf Monster written by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt. It came with a cute plush of the The Whatif (“what if”) Monster in the book. The monster is a symbol of our worries, fears and doubts that get stuck in our head.   The “what-ifs” in […]

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Spring DIY

Spring DIY

Bring on Spring.  We can finally see the light at the end of this winter tunnel. Springtime and sunshine are on the horizon, and I for one, have never been quite this happy to see winter go. I’m grateful for cold weather and the opportunity to wear one of my 17 scarves. I love comforting […]

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