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Fighting For My Place In The Workforce

We all define ourselves differently. I believe that’s what makes being unique so special. We can’t define expectations for others, and even have to revisit the ones we set for ourselves. I’ve learned that to be especially true in my professional career. If I could give some advice to the bright-eyed 20 something-year-old just beginning their career, […]

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Mom Hacks

15 Mom Hacks: Products That Save Time & Money

Oh Pinterest, you know how to win this mama’s heart. Let me just express my overall excitement when I find things that can make my life a little easier — mom hacks. As a mom and former teacher, resourcefulness is something that I found to be almost mandatory. We find ourselves in front of a […]

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There’s nothing like driving on South Congress as the sun begins to set and the colorful hues of red and orange bounce off the magical Austin skyline.  The beautiful Capitol building has this rich copper tone that illuminates the surrounding buildings. Lady Bird Lake is calm but filled with laughter from people waiting to see the […]

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ME. The Word I Need To Prioritize.

Me: The Word I Need To Prioritize

I sit waiting for the tub to fill. My favorite Brazilian music is on iTunes radio, epsom salt flows through the warm water with hints of lavender, and my mind is inspired by Brené Brown’s writing, and overflowing with inspiration after seeing Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat.Pray.Love. Yeah, those two will make you sit and realize that s*** just […]

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Instacart: My Lifesaver

Sponsored By: Instacart It was one of those mornings. You know… one of THOSE mornings. Alarm fails you, kids are already demanding something, dog is pleading to go out, and all I want to do is hide my head in the covers. Oh wait, that’s EVERY morning. Well today was an extra special morning, it […]

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Life In A Nursing Bra

Getting ready for a baby is no joke. Really. From dream filled, undisturbed nights and having complete indepth conversations over dinner, we tend to forget how amazing those things are…well until baby arrives. Then sh** gets real. You’re just happy to eat a hot meal, take a shower (dry shampoo is my friend), and maybe, just maybe, […]

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Real Talk: “Mommy, What Does LGBT Mean?

From the transformation of Caitlyn Jenner to the recent Supreme Court decision for same sex marriage, the LGBT community has received a lot praise and criticism lately. While, many people are advocating for the LGBT community, there are also many who are uncertain or unaccepting of it. Honestly, growing up I had NO idea what LGBT meant. I had no exposure […]

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