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Austin Moms Blog | 10 Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer Fighting Foods: 10 Everyday Foods to be a Pre-vivor

I hope this article not only inspires you to know your family’s health history, but to start paying attention to what you are putting into your body.  Food should be thought of as fuel and if you aren’t fueling your body properly, it isn’t going to run efficiently. My first daughter, Parker, was not planned, […]

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OneDay with my duckLINGS

If you have seen or heard anything about the app OneDay then you know how great it is, and if you haven’t I am here to tell you it is wonderful!  ” There are several categories including featured stories, babies/toddlers, kids, and adults.  Within each of the categories are topics to choose from to create your […]

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Tips to Maintain Your Weight During the Holidays

It’s that time of year again, Halloween candy is lurking around the house, Thanksgiving feasts are coming up {like TOMORROW}, and December might as well be called the month of temptation… between holiday get togethers, baking goods for our kids’ class parties, and all the goodies that surround us….it is tough to say no this […]

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