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Tiny Tails: Traveling Petting Zoo Straight To You

Sponsored By:: Tiny Tails To You Tiny Tails: Traveling Petting Zoo Straight To You Does your child love animals? Do you love animals? What if you could be surrounded by cute, cuddly animals at your next event? Thanks to Tiny Tails To You, it’s possible! Tiny Tails To You is a traveling petting zoo that […]

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AMB-10 Educational Shows

10 Educational, Entertaining Shows (That Won’t Drive Parents Crazy)

10 Educational, Entertaining Shows (That Won’t Drive Parents Crazy) These days I am watching more kid shows than adult shows…granted I am not always watching, but they are on for my little darlings when I need to have some quiet time, get the kitchen cleaned up, prepare foods, etc etc etc. I am not a […]

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AMB-Raising Daughters

Raising Daughters In A Sexually Pushy World

Raising Daughters In A Sexually Pushy World The older I get the more conservative I get. The biggest reason is Jesus. In our home, we know that this world is only our temporary home…but society sure does make it seem like it is the only thing that matters. Advertisements pushing sex on every corner, confrontations […]

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Beast Mode: Motherhood

Tonight I came to the conclusion, that we as moms are total beasts. All the moms I see in my circle endure SO much, all of the time. Rarely do I hear complaints, I just see these moms rolling up their sleeves and going after what needs to get done. It makes me so proud […]

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blueberry eyes

Blueberry Eyes for Mother’s Day

It is around this time of year that I reminisce about my first daughter’s birth, she was born a week before Mother’s Day. The daughter that made me a mother. The daughter that made my dreams come to fruition. All my life my mom told me that I carried around baby dolls and wanted to […]

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spring break

The Reality of Spring Break with Little People in Tow

We have had a rough year and were VERY excited for a little reprieve for spring break. A getaway…change of scenery… breathe in some mountain air…escape the day-to-day schedule a little bit. The funny thing is my husband and I get so excited about these trips and we EASILY forget what the reality is like […]

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Dream Big(ger) Mamas

When the “Dream Big Princess” marketing campaign launched from Disney, I thought it was brilliant. It captured my young daughter and my attention instantly. It made me CRY. I mean… well done Disney marketing team {applause}. When watching that commercial I had this pull to help my two, young daughters achieve ANYTHING their hearts desired. […]

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Do I Constantly Need to be Entertaining My Littles?

With daughters 3 ½ and 1 ½ it can turn to pandemonium VERY quickly in our house. My husband and I will lock eyes and feel the overwhelming sensation of anxiety creep up as the girls act like, well… little, energetic kids. We have one child who is REALLY busy. She seems to have an […]

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