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Ezra Cookie Cutters

Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids in Austin!

:: Sponsored by : Cookie Cutters Haircuts for Kids :: Ever since my daughter’s first professional haircut at age 1.5, I’ve usually struggled with going to the typical kid-centered hair cut salons for regular haircuts. Instead, I opted to either cut my kiddos’ hair myself at home, or take them to the same salon that […]

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The DOC Band®, An Experience With Cranial Technologies

Sponsored By :: Cranial Technologies The DOC Band®, An Experience With Cranial Technologies After a complicated pregnancy, emergency c-section and 5-day NICU-stay, the last thing I wanted to hear about my newborn baby was that there were further complications from his breech positioning and delivery. But ready or not, he was diagnosed with torticollis and […]

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100% Chiropractic: For Every Mom

100% Chiropractic: For Every Mom What Mom wouldn’t want to have perfect posture and back strength through-out her pregnancy and/or the toddler-carrying years and beyond? I sure would, but I usually consider proper posture or back strength to be a far-fetched fantasy due to the reality of my constant lower back tightness, long-term-breastfeeding-awkward-shoulder posture and […]

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You Need A Budget and I Do Too!

You Need A Budget and I Do Too! Between the unending need for diapers/wipes, not to mention SNACKS, unexpected must-have next-size ballet shoes, doctor’s office co-pays, after-school activities, toys, (did I mention FOOD?), summer camp fees and beyond, I truly cannot imagine a season of life where I’ve ever needed a budget more. As a […]

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How to find the BEST Babysitters

How to Find the Best Babysitter I vastly underestimated how difficult, and yet important, it is to find a great babysitter. Not just any babysitter. But a great one who could be available and consistent for my kids. Without any grandparents or available immediate family in town, conquering this challenge became CRUCIAL and I’m thankful […]

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